How did the outbreak begin Forumosa opinion poll 2.0

How do you believe the outbreak began? The poll is anonymous.

  • Wet Markets/Wildlife Trading in China
  • Natural Virus but escaped from a lab in China
  • Fully or Partially man-made and engineered, escaped the lab on accident
  • Fully or Partially man-made and engineered, intentionally used.
  • Natural Origins by chance, not from wildlife trading and wet market
  • Natural virus deliberately released from a lab
  • Other
  • Aliens

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It’s aliens. @yyy’s species has a history of cooking humans.

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I chose the most likely answer :wink:

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Come on, Marco. Hooman is a popular dish on Rigel VII, but it’s tastiest when fresh (duh), so in terms of keeping the creature live until the last minute like you guys do with lobsters and stuff, how would a nasty virus help? :wall:

You got it wrong!

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I’m voting for one of this ones even though it can be any of them.

  1. Coronavirus don’t exist.
  2. 5G!
  3. Mark Zuckerberg invented it so people have more time for FB.

There’s still dust on it!


Still wrong!

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K&K were nice, once. After that they turned evil and tried to eat as many hoomans as they could, so it’s up to the real nice guys like me to save you all from their tyranny.

But yeah, this ain’t no Andromeda strain.

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Interesting poll results.

It is already scientifically confirmed the virus is natural, with no signs of being engineered.

But regardless of whether it’s natural or engineered…Isn’t it a fact and a big red flag that China demanded a “natural disaster and unknown events” clause to be added to phase 1 Trade Deal in December before the virus outbreak? Clearly when China came back to the table to sign the deal, they never had the intention to follow through.

To me it’s still obvious it’s a natural virus, one of thousands they collected in a vault from whatever nearby or distant bat colonies for standard research - and it was eventually released intentionally as retaliation for the trade war.

Unreleased video from Wuhan lab meeting on how to get more funding from the CCP

Here’s an interesting video showing evidence that the virus (of natural origin) was being studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology before infecting people:


My bet is on natural then used as a politcal.tool. i dont buy the lab story. But it is very clear the governments of the world are using the fuck out of this thing to their gain.

I’m still fairly convinced it came from the lab in Wuhan.

And I saw China blocked the WHO again from investigating the origins.


It’s definitely from the lab. The overall timing and actions by China immediately before and after the virus outbreak however point to purposeful release, not “clumsiness”.

A video released two years before the start of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic shows Wuhan Insitute of Virology (WIV) scientists being cavalier toward protective equipment and being bitten by bats that carry deadly viruses such as SARS, demonstrating a lax safety culture in the lab.

Understatement of the year.

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I’m 70% natural spread, 30% escaped from lab. With the crappy safety practices in China, it wouldn’t surprise me.