How did you find your international school job in Taiwan?

  1. Directly through your school’s careers/employment page?
  2. Through an online ad / job posting? If so, where… LinkedIn?
  3. Through a connection you have at the school?
  4. Through a recruiter? If so, which one… Search Associates?

I’m a Texas-certified high school math teacher. My retiring parents are moving back to Taiwan, and I’d like to stay close to them. I’m signed on to receive LinkedIn “Taiwan teacher” notifications, and wondering if it’s worthwhile to use a recruiter. Thank you for any insight.

Many schools require you to sign up for a service. I used ISS. It’s a bit expensive, but most international Schools only hire from it. I think it’s 75 USD. Most schools won’t accept applications any other way. I think all of the legitimate international schools in Taiwan are hiring on this site but the deadline for next school year has mostly passed. I saw TAS, AST, KAS, and the science park schools all on there

Here’s the link


Below are the three main recruiters. Some people attend job fairs (London, Bangkok, Boston, etc.). You could Google “international and private schools in Taiwan” then visit their HR pages to see if they’re hiring - this is what I did.

Move a little faster than slower now because it’s hiring season.

Carney Sandoe & Associates:

International Schools Services:

Search Associates:

This link is for a forum about international schools, teachers, and admin:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you eCanada, I really appreciate you sharing your real-life, first-hand experience. Thanks to your post, I joined ISS and have finished my profile except for the references.

Many thanks for the links Grinder and sharing your path! I have gone on the HR pages of a few schools now, and understandably there’s a lot of variation. Some schools have a very professional page that lists all current vacancies (I recognize now they are using the ISS system, at least the TAS website I visited). Other pages are more of a general “we’ll consider your application, here’s our email address” scenario. Did you do a mass send out of your resume and cover letter (i.e., anywhere that provided an HR email), or did you just target schools that actually listed a vacancy in your subject area? Thank you.

I uploaded my resume to the school that had postings relevant to my criteria. I had also signed up with two of the agencies I listed above, but my direct approach with HR is how I got my current job.
Decide what you are looking for from a school and then approach them, if that’s an option. Be bold :slight_smile:

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