How Do I Authenticate My Taiwanese Divorce?

Can someone please advise me on how I can have my Taiwanese divorce decree authenticated? I have been offered a very good job with a very attracted salary and benefits package in the UAE. The law there requires me to have my divorce decree–giving me full legal custody of my son–authenticated first by the Taiwanese court that issued it. I don’t want to have to fly back to Taiwan to do this. Is there a way to do it, or have someone do it for me, from outside Taiwan? If I will have to go to Taiwan to do this myself, can someone explain the procedure to me? And this is quite urgent. I have a two month time limit and this is only the first of the authentication processes.

Sincere thanks for any constructive advice.


First question is probably which court.

Kaohsiung. Don’t remember the district, but it will come to me. Ling Ya. I’ve been on the BOCA website and the English version seems to say that I can have an agent do this for me, but it hasn’t been updated since 2009. Here’s the Chinese website. Care to have a look for me?


This is what I get:

Explanation Domestic public and private documents require previous authentication by a court or private notary, and then must be sent to this department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs or this department’s Central, Southern, Eastern, or Yun/Chia Southern Office to apply for revalidation.

Required Documents 1. Original document (please inquire with notary or certifier about required quantities beforehand).
2. If application for issuance of additional copies is required, please supply copies for the notary or certifier yourself.
3. One copy of the document notarized or certified will be kept by this department for its files.
4.Applicants appearing in person to handle the certification must fill out an application form and attach the original of their personal ID card (and additionally provide a copy for this department’s files).
5. Applicants not appearing in person may complete the agency portion on the application form, designating a person to apply on their behalf (agents must bring original of their identity documents), and attach copies of the applicant’s and agent’s identity documents.
6.If the applicant is a company…(well, you’re not…)
※ Agents must be adults and have capacity to act.

Fees 1. Reexamination of a domestic court or civil notary certified or notarized document:
(1) General document fees are NT$400 per document.
(2) Rush fees are an additional NT$200 per document.
2. Reexamination of a copy of a domestic court or civil notary certified or notarized document:
(1) General document fee is NT$200 per document.
(2) Rush fee is an additional NT$100 per document.
3. Reexamination of documents as above – issuance of additional copy on request of applicant:
(1) Ordinary fee is NT$200 per document.
(2) Rush handling fee is NT$100 additional per document.
※No refunds are made after payment of rush fees has been tendered.

Time required 1.General documents: 2 working days.
2. Rush handling: 1 working day (available the day after the document is brought in)
※In special circumstances of Acts of God (such as typhoon) document pickup may be delayed.

It sounds like FedEx plus someone in Kaohsiung who could walk this in for you would be the way to go. I’m sorry I won’t be going to Taiwan until Fall, if I make it then. I don’t think it’s a particularly difficult thing to accomplish, by the sound of it. But you or someone you designate as an agent has to be there.

Thank you, IL! You’re always the best! I’ve found similar information. I DO have a certified copy of my divorce. I’d forgotten that I’d gotten it because I did that just before the Kitten had his allergy problems. And that kicked off the poop storm my life has been over the last year or so. Anyway, I found it. Now, I’ll just have to send a couple bucks to a friend down south, hopefully!

So glad it’s sortable! (Um, yeah, this is, y’know, ME.)

Ironlady, you’re a star.

Quick and dirty translation. Hope I got it right. I wish I was in Taiwan now and could run it in for you (though they’d probably choke if a foreigner showed up as the agent for another foreigner – oh, the agita about those foreigner IDs!)

AFAIK, it has to be a Taiwanese. :s

I’d love you to be able to do it for me, too, but I think you’re both right and it will have to be a Taiwanese. Thank you all so much!