How do I block specific person's emails from Hotmail inbox?

In Yahoo I can just click a SPAM button, and the sender of an unwanted message is forever filtered out; this can block commercial spam as well as unwanted messages from particular people.

But my GF can’t figure out how to do this with Hotmail. It seems like such an obviously necessary feature that I’m sure Hotmail must have it, but my own search of the Hotmail Help files as well as … m.mspx#EFB
didn’t reveal anything. Y’all have any ideas? Thanks much!

She could just ask me nicely and I will stop sending them. :wink:

Block messages from specific senders
To reduce unwanted e-mail, you can block messages from specific e-mail addresses or from entire domains (a domain is the part of an e-mail address that follows the @ sign). Blocked messages never reach your account.

  1. Click Options.
  2. On the left side of the page, click Mail.
  3. Click Junk E-mail Protection, and then Block Senders to show your Block Sender List.
  4. Enter an e-mail address or domain, and then click Add.
  5. Use the Add and Remove buttons to change the list.


* You cannot block messages from the following:
      o MSN Hotmail (
      o MSN (
      o Your MSN Personal Address
* Blocking a sender is very effective against e-mail from a particular address or domain, but it cannot block messages from addresses or domains that have never sent you messages. For more information, see Stop receiving junk e-mail (spam).
* To remove an address or a domain from the Block Sender list (or unblock it), select the item, and then click Remove.

[quote=“Stray Dog”] * You cannot block messages from the following:
o MSN Hotmail (
o MSN ([/quote]

Thanks, but could you pls clarify – do you mean people with hotmail accounts can’t be blocked, or do you mean emails from the service provider itself can’t be blocked? (I imagine the latter.) Tks again!

I suggest switching to Gmail.

I haven’t had problems with Stray Dog ever since.

Hi, tash! Cooey! :slight_smile:


DB, I just copied the text from Hotmail’s Help section.

I would imagine you can block hotmail account holders - try it and see!

Good luck.

And I would also suggest gmail. You can’t trace gmail e-mails, so people like tash have no idea I’m still stalking them. :wink:

Talking about spammers… Could I be excluded from the Animals Taiwan mailing list? :wink:

No, seriously. It always gets me excited when I see 5 new emails, but then I’m sooo disappointed to discover that they’re all about some event on the other side of the world. :s

Sorry, guys.