How do I change my profile in Firefox?

My computer got hung up today when I was running Firefox, so I stopped Firefox using Alt-Control-Delete. Then I re-started Firefox, and it asked me which “profile” I wanted, which was strange because it had never asked me that before. I entered “Default Profile”, and then Firefox started up just as if it had never been run before! All of my bookmarks are gone now and all of my preferences are set to the default values! I tried looking in the Help menu, but I couldn’t find anything at all about “profiles”. I guess “profiles” must be something for multiple users using the same computer, so that each user can setup his/her own “profile”.

But now how do I change the profile back to the original one?

this happens when there are several instances of firefox running at the same time. you didnt terminate its process cleanly. basically it means that your profile is still used in the background by firefox. if you dont know how or cant terminate all firefox processes, reboot your machine. it’s as simple as that.

I’ve already tried re-booting my computer, but still all of my bookmarks and preferences are gone.

Comrade Stalin,

Thanks! I did what it said to do at the website that you gave me and it worked! I’ve got all of my bookmarks and preferences back and everything was just like it used to be. Thanks again!