How Do I Claim the Cloud-Based Fapiaos?

So I won $500 on the e-invoice lottery from a company called: Digital River. I can confirm the receipt from May. But I’ll be damned if I know how to use IBON/FamilyMart kiosks to print the invoice. I’ve been through the options on both systems several times.

On the FM system, it says I need: " 廠商代號" But I’ve googled that. It’s not on the web, it’s not on the e-invoice/receipt. I’m stumped!

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or the right tree in the wrong park?

You can’t win $500. It’s literally impossible. You have a higher chance of winning $10 million.

But regardless, just show the cashier.

I just won 500 at the beginning of the month. I wish I won the 10 million.

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The two bottom prizes are $200 and $1000.

Unless you won three times and they are taking a cut.

Or you won $1000 and they are taking a big cut.

Are you being robbed?

I’ve never won :smiling_face_with_tear: but I think if you use e-invoice all 200$ prizes become 500$.

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Isn’t it for the e-invoices? I thought they had some different prizes between NT$200 and NT$1000, but I’ve just started really using them so I’m not sure the exact amounts.

Edit: see here:

The ministry has also released the winning numbers for its cloud-based uniform invoice lottery, which includes 30 NT$1 million prizes, 16,000 NT$2,000 prizes, 100,000 NT$800 prizes, and 2.15 million NT$500 prizes.


Every day you learn something new. The thread title threw me off.

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I wasn’t sure either, and I’m still not really clear about what happens with the cloud invoices. A friend helped me set it up several weeks ago.

I know for sure though that I hardly ever win on the regular paper fapiao anymore. When I first arrived in Taiwan I almost always won at least one NT$200 prize each time (sometimes two or three), and occasionally the NT$1000 prize. In the last 3+ years, I’ve won the NT$200 prize once. I get the feeling they’ve diverted most of the prize fund to the e-invoices now.

To (kind of) answer OP’s question, I believe you can also link a bank account for automatic transfer of the e-invoice winnings, using the e-invoice app in conjunction with the MOF website. Don’t ask me exactly how though. :man_shrugging:

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Yea, I’ve set up a bank account so the money goes into it.

I prefer cloud receipts because I don’t have to keep these scraps of paper around forever only to find out that I didn’t win anything.

I had no idea about the 500nt, I’ve noticed the odds of winning getting lower and lower though.

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Exactly what I have. Not sure still how to process it. Staff at the store are too busy to help! I kinda get the idea that the govt. wants to kill off the lottery!

Well, I finally solved the problem. Turns out the problem was the FamilyMart system. I went to 7-11, and was done in about two minutes. Here is the process:

  1. Click the electronic invoice button.
  2. Then click the Ministry of Finance button.
  3. Look for the vendor and choose ‘crossborder’ button.
  4. Then enter your email address (for the service you use) and the secret one-time password (generated by clicking a link in the email that notifies you of the win so you’ll need to do that before you start!)
  5. Boom you’re given a screen with all your valid receipts. Hit select and print! Hurrah! Done!

I’ll photo the process for you and post on my blog. My mistake was using the FM system. It’s way less obvious. Turns out I won $700 in the past 12 months. Still not sure why they charged me NT$2 (a processing fee, LOL!).

So that’s nice. I celebrated with a bowl of congee from the chiller since everything else non-fattening was sold out.

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