How do I do that?

Hi all you computer geeks.

wondering if someone can help me?

I am playing around with some html codes trying to design a form (and I’m not very computer literate).

I’ve pretty well done everything I need to , but the “submit” button doesn’t actually submit the form, the first one just sent the form off into oblivion. Something happened and the fields cleared but I never received anything in my email box.

The second one just opens outlook express to send an email.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?
Even better as to what code I should use.

Bold represents fields that need personalising.
Italics I think are unnecessary for the submitting of the form.

This is one of the codes:


and the other is:

< METHOD=POST ACTION=[b]http://your[/b]>

Any good suggestions folks?

Thanks in advance.

Couldn’t you make your thread title a bit more specific? :taz:

There’s no easy way to do a pure HTML email form. The first method depends on whether the user’s web browser is configured with a valid email server(most people don’t have one configured). The second method requires a cgi form processor of some sort, hence requiring CGI access.

If you’re paying for your web space, your provider should have a cgi form script. If you’re using some free web space, you can look around online for a off-site form processing service.