How do I find a women's size chart for Taiwanese clothes?

I’ve looked for Taiwanese/Chinese clothing charts on the internet but couldn’t quite find one that measured the bust, hips & waist. Could someone help find one that does?
The closest to that I found was converting my clothing size according to the US into Japanese. My measurements are about 39-32-40 (99-82-100 cm).
I imagine the Taiwanese/Chinese sizes aren’t much different than the Japanese sizes though I’m not quite sure.

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Chinese sizes are even smaller.

For Taiwan sizes you have to go up one size.

For Chinese you must go up two or more.

That means if you normally wear XL in Taiwan you must go with 2X

For China, 3X is minimum for a tight fit, 4-5X is better.

This is a sizing chart for China, at least for Gildan shirts. But Gildan is looser (larger) than other brand. So adjust accordingly.


Taiwan clothes brands have detailed measures as far as I can tell, for example NET (Relatively basic, but luckily lots of stuff not made in China) shows this here:

My mandarin is not good at all, but it seems to have bust, hip and waist marked in the drawings. On the other hand, it looks like width and not circumference - so maybe some re-measuring might be necessary.

PS: my German M is XL in NET Taiwan :astonished:

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The sizes are all over the place. :sob: I’ve got anything between an L and XXXL here.