How do I get a copy of my parent's marriage certificate?

Hello Everyone,

I need to help get a copy of my parent’s marriage certificate (both Taiwanese and married in Taiwan). Where should I tell my mom to go to get this in Taiwan? Is there a way I can do it online?

How long will it take?

Thank you for any guidance :slight_smile:

Did you ever find a resolution to this? I’m in the same boat.

I was born in the U.S. and currently live in the U.S. and my parents immigrated and currently reside in the U.S. (born and married in Taiwan). My parents have kept an active Household Registration, ID & TW Passports, and I’m going through the process of getting my Taiwanese passport, initially without Household Registration. My local TECO requires an authenticated marriage certificate of my parent’s marriage so looking to see if there’s a service in Taiwan that can provide obtaining a copy of their marriage certificate authenticated in Taiwan to be mailed to me to complete the process here in the States.

I summon @Marco 's lawyer.

Now we wait…