How do I include an image in my posting?

Today, I posted a message here about the 200-legged worms that are currently infesting my house:

I wanted to include a picture of the worms, so I took a picture with my digital camera and then uploaded the picture to my computer. Then I tried to include the picture in my posting, but apparently, it’s only possible to include pictures which are already at another website. (Is this correct?)

So then I uploaded the picture to my homepage, and then I tried to copy the picture into my posting by adding this line to my posting:

(bracket)img(close braket) bracket)

(I am writing “bracket” instead of “[” and “close bracket” instead of “]”)

But then after I hit “submit”, it just showed this silly image:

So since this didn’t work, I tried to instead put a link to the image at my website by adding this line to my message:

So then I hit “submit” and I thought that there wouldn’t be any problem, but then for some strange reason, every time I clicked on the link, a new window opened up with the same silly “Image hosted by Angelfire” image.

What’s going on?


I guess your host doesn’t allow this ?

Get your own space and link from that. Much easier.