How do I juo ren?

So having grown up in the United States being used to their culture, and really sucking at social skills, it really gives me a hard time at work. Somehow if I ordered something and the guy end up giving me way more than I need (and charging more too) then I am somehow expected to buy it because its as if the guy nearly got killed trying to get it. I am expected to sell stuff but how am I supposed to know why different people can have different result because of their chrisma? and how the hell do I get better chrisma? It seems as if God hasnt blessed me with a high chrisma so I just end up bumping into walls every time it comes to group work or getting along well in a group. Felt like I must have some kind of evil aura that if a person doesnt even know me they automatically avoids me like I am public enemy number 1. You know I give people all the eye contacts and stuff the best I could, unless im thinking or something… I get paniced and stuff when it comes to these thing, like an art I could never master yet my survival seems to depend on an art that is impossible to master…

Don’t worry. If you were born in the US, they make you feel like its your fault because you were born in the US. If you are a zebra, they make you think its your fault because you are a zebra. If you are a 外省, its because you’re a 外省. I am Taiwanese and people bring me deserts that I did not order (fruit, etc) then add it to the bill. Make me mad. If you say anything, you’re the nut job. It’s just business practice to make money and be lazy.

Yea its even more stupid the guy hit me because I asserted that I HAD ONLY ORDERED 100CC of INK he gave me 500 then he hits me for making my point clear. He says how ABC’s never keep their word and stuff and everyone of my coworker thinks its my fault or something… I mean I am doing my best (I am a shy person) to sell something and they expect me to make a million NT in sales first month?? thats an astronomical sum to me. At least the sum that my other boss was giving me was more reasonable (he wants me to make 50,000 in profits and now I am up to 25,000 in profits) and selling mice/keyboard/power supplies really adds up on profits… by the way I am not born in the US but I dont know if its because of my status or my social skills… I dont have problem with people disliking me at church but at work it seems as if everyone hates me. Or does people at church just hates you from behind your back and stuff? who knows?

The world really sucks when you think its the world versus you. It sucks even more when you have no one to talk to about it and parents and family just gives you pressure about it.

I had a similar experience recently. I called a store ahead of time to see if an item was in stock. The lady said yes. So I drove over there only to find out the item was not in stock, but then she lazily said that another similar item was in stock and just as good. I got irritated since she wasted my time, and explained to her you shouldn’t lie like that, at least not if you want me as a repeat customer. I think the worst part was, she still completely did not understand my reasoning, and just ignored me.

(PS this happened in the states, but with a Taiwanese lady)

stand up for your rights no matter what. “ni bu juo ren” is their excuse for you not letting them take advantage of you. talk loud and let them and most importantly the customers know that the service was wrong not you.

Your hair wasn’t high enough prolly.

now this depends. if you could use 500 you might have taken it for harmony’s sake, after mentioning it. if you can’t use it, i think most taiwanese people would have insisted on what they ordered, if it was more money. now once the guy starts talking about abc’s all bets are off. personally this sounds like a bullshit story he concocted to pressure a sucker ABC to give him a few extra bucks. this is when you have to get loud and insist you only ordered 100 and not pay for 1cc more. definitely the rules of that game. if your co-workers have an argument then the same point needs to be made to them, indignantly.

Well, 500 cc of ink is probably more than I can use in a lifetime unless I am printing photos or colored brochures (or DM) for a living. Besides all that ink lying around is just plain useless, not to mention any potential mess if one is spilled. The problem is that when the other guy starts getting violent and threatening and stuff, what should I do? call the cops? What if he’s a part of some criminal syndicate? then if I call the law on him I can pretty much kiss my life goodbye.

people from criminal syndicates don’t sell ink. if you didn’t order it you didn’t order it. if he was gonna be like that you shouldn’t have taken 1cc of it.