How do I pay for lost parking tickets?

I’ve searched for “parking tickets” and “pay tickets” … if you guys want to learn me to a better searcher… school me.

These tickets aren’t the ones issued from the Police. I’ve been recieving these from the old scooter ladies that leave them on your window. They’re cheap (20nt/hour or so) but if you don’t pay them… they grow.

The problem is that I lose them all the time. I want to pay, but where? Is there a head office that I can just pay whatever my license plate has outstanding?

I’m leaving soon and want to square things up before the end of the month.

Thanks for your time.


In that moment you get one, you take it to the nearest 7-11.

If that does not help as you have lost them, then go to the motor office and hear, I think it’s NT$600 a pop, and you have to settle when your car changes owner or is in for its 6 month inspection.

I’ve lost one before and my girlfriend payed it (about 3 months after) it went from 20nt to 70nt. I’m not with her anymore though… I think I remember her telling me she went to the head office in Chaiyi (that’s where the ticket was from). I’m hoping I don’t have to go to every head office in all the counties I have tickets in… because there’s about three… :frowning:

Does anyone have experience doin this?

when you take your car for a check, you will be presented with the bill, rest assured, the matter will be settled.

Can someone who understands Chinese help direct me to the website to get information on how to pay a lost parking ticket.

It was last week. I don’t live in Pingtung City. Spare me the advice about 7-11. I do it all the time. I wasn’t feeling well, in a bit of pain from an injury. :help:

Lost parking ticket? Just take the money you owe…and lose it. Fate will work the rest out itself.

mor deth = more karma

:bravo: :bravo:

Fait work it self out. Not my my fait. I have the magnetic attraction of “Moroboshi” in “Urusei Yatsura”

Let’s just say, I have to get my fate waved away every so often by those red flags… Last time I forgot about a parking ticket I had all sorts of trouble. I came back to the states, rented a car, and arrived at my friend house who was lending me his address in the states to find my license was revoked! I had to drive illegally to the capital of the state, in an “illegally” rented car to pay fifty bucks to get my license re-instated.

Now, please… some familiar with PingTung or working the web in Chinese, please just connect me to the right place to check my records.

PS: It was a Hernia that was giving me the pain that contributed to my misplacing of the bloody ticket. See what i mean about fate.

NOT … you just get a ticket send home and the price is … 600 NT$, I got punished for losing a few tickets in the past … I know

I know, so PLEASE can someone just tell me how to contact the guys in Pingtung who are responsible for parking tickets?
I live out of Pingtung city and can’t go there during the week.

Please give me some constructive information.

Uh, actually I’m pretty sure they stopped the scam of doubling the fine on the due date, now it just goes up in slow increments. There were too many asshats taking the tickets off cars just so they would get stuck with the penalties. :unamused:

Pingtung dept of motor vehicles is a 222 Chung_Hsiao Rd, phone number is (08)7666733. There is an electronic portal for lookup on outstanding fees and fines, here
You have to key your ID number (ARC number), your date of birth and then choose the city you reside in (drop down menu). Yes, the interface is in Chinese and I couldn’t find an English one. Remember to enter your date of birth in format like this. First two digits are year of the republic which is western year minus 11. ie 1963 is year 52. April 1st 1963 would read 520401. Your administrative district is the last one at the bottom of the list.

Of course any info returned will be in Chinese!

Fabulous. Just found out I owe NT$2,000. Would have been nice of them to send me a ticket.

Old thread but thought i’d update it as i was recently in the OP’s situation.

If you lose a parking fee ticket clipped to the back of the scooter, you can easily pay them in Family Mart (and probably 7-11 too, though haven’t tried). Just go to the computer kiosk, click the parking button (Big ‘P’ with a car behind it), then area of Taiwan you live in, then whether you drive a car or scooter. You’ll then be prompted to enter your license plate number, and then it’ll tell you any outstanding parking fees, which you can print out and pay at the counter.

No more calling the central office or checking online, it’s all very easy.

Is this one Ticket? Try to appeal! Look pathetic… It may work.

In my village, in Pingtung County, I just had to pay face value for expired tickets. These decisions are made by the local parking authority.

Do you drive and park often? I eliminated the whole problem by linking my bank account to the Kaohsiung Parking Authority. No more paying Parking tickets! It’s deducted at no additional cost. I think other places have similar options.

I don’t know, 8 years later no matter how pathetic Miranda may look I don’t think she’s getting a discount…

The year is now 2021…
Daughter lost parking ticket. Vehicle in name of mom.
Can she pay, with out mom knowing ticket was lost.
What are the 2021procedures…

Anyone that knows license plate number can pay at convenience store machines.

Also want to know the city as there is the list of cities to pick from. You have to pick each City for that specific license plate number. It won’t let you just put in the license plate number for all of Taiwan.

They’re probably other ways like go to the office somewhere I don’t know.

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