How do I reduce international call costs?

Hi all,

I have to make a lot of international calls and wondering if there are any numbers, codes, or prefixes I can dial BEFORE calling abroad, to reduce the costs?

I have to call banks, offices and services, all of which are not able to be called using whatsapp.


Go to a Indonesian etc. shop or elsewhere and get a calling card. A good one for the States is this one, ridiculously cheap really祝福卡the-chuc-phuc-打到越南大陸卡360-i.44098281.3836561102


thanks, never knew. I call the UK more but US will come in handy too. How much are the cards?

I think they come in different denominations. Maybe you can ask which is best for the UK. I would try that one though. I almost suspect mine is broken or something.

I always pay the face value, I think that Shopee ad was someone looking to get rid of one.




This. I use Skype to have unlimited calls in Europe for landline and mobiles. It’s like 5USD per month or so.

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If you have an MS Office subscription you also get 60 mins of free calls per month worldwide too.

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Skype is free for toll-free calling (1-800- and 1-888- numbers) to North America


Skype is $4/m to call anywhere in the US

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If you want to appear more professional, look into VOIP services and get an international phone number.

For calls to US, get a google voice number. Free calls in/out to any US landline or mobile. The Google Voice app rings in Taiwan with a wifi connection.


Came here to say this. While setting it up in TW, I had to use a VPN to look like I was coming from the US though.

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I downloaded the Google Voice app but I seem to need a US number to associate it with before I can set it up. Am I correct to assume that you got a Google Voice number after you got your US mobile and then came over to Taiwan – so now you can use Google Voice to call US numbers and be called from them?

Did you already have a US number before you set up your Google Voice number in Taiwan? When I try to set up the Google Voice app on my phone, it asks for a US number to link it to – and for it to call/sms to verify.

I am thinking of getting a US burner phone to send to a friend in the US, so after she gets it, I will then set up the Google Voice app using that number. Since I will get a new US phone number via Google Voice, I figure I won’t need the burner afterwards. Does that make sense?

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Google needs a US non-VOIP line to send a SMS code to verify during signup, but after you won’t need it after that. You can definitely ask a friend with a US landline that can receive the text for you. Another way is to sign up for a line on with a 1 month minimal plan just to receive the text.


Thank you. So I don’t need the burner after all!

If its that troublesome, why not just get a voip? Same number, worldwide.

I don’t know how to do that. I do already know that Google Voice is free and has been around since Google bought it back when it was still known as GrandCentral. So to my mind, there’s a level of trust that is much more than a VOIP service that I would have absolutely no clue about.

I do recall the days of MagicJack and Vonage, and I did use those services back then. Vonage took me a LONG time to cancel the subscription, but I managed to get those done.

Now, is there a Google Voice type service for Taiwan numbers? I would find that useful to after I can start traveling again

From a TW-based google account:

Just to be clear, when I wrote “…Google Voice type service for Taiwan numbers” I meant getting an online voice account (similar to Google Voice) where people in Taiwan could reach you by dialing a local (i.e., Taiwan) number