How do locals promote their blog?

I know how to promote a blog in the US and European marketes… but how on earth do people do it in Taiwan?

What RSS feed directories do people use?
… mailing list?


No idea, but my GF just signed up here to have a blog on there, not sure how it works though.

I don’t think people really do ‘promote’ their blogs in Taiwan. When I tell people how to find my site they usually reply by asking if I really paid for those keywords. The level of ignorance about how this stuff works is fairly high.

I know that Elias at Enspyre gave a class recently for Taitra on internet marketing. He’s away this weekend, but I’ll let him know about this thread and maybe he’ll reply next week.

I don’t know if this is off-topic, but is there anywhere on flob or anywhere else where we are supposed to list our blogs/websites?

Perhaps a thread titled “Link Exchange” wherein earnest flobsters are encouraged to submit some blurb about their site and preferred keywords for links. Everyone participating should be encouraged to copy the blurb and create links from their own site to everyone else’s.