How do the Japanese view the Attack on Pearl Harbor today?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service upon the United States against the naval base at Pearl Harbor just before 08:00, on Sunday, December 7, 1941.

Very few would still be alive who were involved in the attack, so I guess they would consider it the same as everyone else.


Something like “an unfortunate result of the harsh US oil embargo on Japan”.

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Most Japanese view that as part of the old military gov… How do most see it today, they mostly see it as bad and that war is wrong. (resulting limited military) For the most part Japan now needs the USA to protect them though this may change a bit with more self defense. Most people think like this but not all as there are nationalists peoples with different views but they much less as far as numbers (I think they get out sized public news in relation to size of the groups).

I had an English class that was assigned an essay on the topic of “A Person Whose Persistence You Admire”; got the usual Edisons and Lincolns, but one student submitted a paper on some Japanese air ace whose persistence consisted of making three strafing runs over Pearl Harbor. The student wasn’t taking the piss or anything- it was a sincere example, if kind of startling to read.


I think I can best that.

I had a cute young Taiwanese girl give a two minute talk on a historical figure she admired. She chose Hitler because he efficiently killed millions of people using modern technology.

EDIT: She also compared him to the KMT who only managed to kill thousands.

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Props to that student! Assuming this was a TW class, weird that they would be admiring Lincoln, a figure pretty remote from any TW sensibility.

Admired, rather than respected? Wow.

(Just looked-up the meaning of admire… it said, “Regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval.” I guess the former exonerates her choice. :grinning:)

She was probably nervous and she only had a minute to prepare. I think the point she was making was Hitler was better at utilising technology. Obviously, it was a weird two minutes for me and I didn’t ask any follow up questions.

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Oh, only a minute to prepare. Pretty good then, for quick improv work. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

She got a high score. Fantastic English.

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Those good old days?

That probably took a fair amount of persistence.

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There are some fun.ones in taiwan :slight_smile:

But, to be fair, the west doesnt care much about out here either. Any Mao costumes last halloween? Any kids in western schools admiring the great AG leap forward in china decades ago?

It was one of those stupid essay subject books; they use Lincoln , Edison etc because they’re “international” figures that everybody has heard of.
Going back a few years, as examples of people to look up to who overcame difficulties in the sporting world, they chose Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorius, and Lance Armstrong.

Hitler beats all!


My son had a billfold with a picture of Che on it- I asked him who it was, and he had no idea- just some guy who looked cool.

There was an attack on Pearl Harbour today?

Fuck me…

You told her Hitler was Austrian?

There were no restrictions against admiring Austrians.

Granted, she could have chosen more wisely. Freud, Mozart or even Arnie.