How do you get local phone number on a computer? VoIP

Hello everyone I am hoping someone technology smarter than I can help me out.
I have a computer/tablet that uses windows. (I use it all the time (more than my phone) I have recently added an android emulator so that I can get android apps that I normally would use on my smart phone and the emulator is working slick. My Tablet is a HP Elitepad 1000 which is a full on computer and tablet in one. It has all the bells and whistles,BUT it does not have the phone capabilities like a phone or a phablet. It uses windows8.1.

I am using currently using Skype phone number with a US phone number (paid subscription) so people dial a local number (for them) and the call will be forwarded to me here in Taiwan, This works fine BUT.

Here is my problem, How do I get a local phone number that people in taiwan can call/message, and that I can call/message them that will work on a computer. I looked at Skype but they do not have local Taiwan Skype phone numbers.

Is there any service here in Taiwan (a taiwaneese version of Skype) that will allow anyone to dial a local phone number to reach me on my computer??

Please let me know, this has been driving me nuts.
if anyone knows how this is done or has done it please give me specifics and where to go, what to buy.

Thank you all for your help.

Wh9ch emulator ate you using? I had bluestacks on a laptop some time ago, and I was able to send sms messages to phones. I’ve never tried their call feature but it supports phone calls as well.

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You could try Line for windows. Everybody in TW already has Line and use their voice chat feature.


It is working great so far.

Yes I already have line, This works but not for making phone calls to ground lines. Also a ground line or someone who is not in my line can not phone call me

Yeah, no landline solution. Though, I hear Google has a service similar to Skype with using regular phone numbers. But I do not have any details about that.

I have successfully made overseas landline calls from TW to the states using Google’s voice or whatever it’s called. Actually works and I haven’t seen a bill for it…ever.

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I think the phone company sells some sort of box that bridges the internet. I can’t really find much information on it.