How do you handle if a friend is asking your boyfriend/husband a favor without telling you?

Here’s the thing I have a friend,she and her bf is working in the same company and their female co worker is always asking her bf to run errands often than usual and that person didn’t even bother to let her know.It’s her bf told her and she is wondering why she don’t even bother to at least tell her since they are both living in the same dormitory.These girls is both foreigner and the guy is a Taiwanese.It’s a well known fact that most Taiwanese always ready to give a hand to anyone who is in need.They can’t say no even if they felt it’s troublesome.She is asking me for an opinion but since I came from a break up.I’m surely be biased since my ex boyfriend end up with the girl he told me not to worry about and they started of very similar to that always asking a favor scenario.what’s your take in this situation?

Depends on what kind of favors she is asking I guess.


I think most Taiwanese women would be pissed at both the boyfriend and the woman.


If the errands are part of their job, I do not see the problem.

If errands have absolutely nothing to do with their jobs, you got a problem there.


Unless ‘favor’ is code for something, I feel sorry for the guy though suppose that he will figure things out himself, eventually.


He wants to date both women, but can’t make up his mind?


Present and past tense is also possible!


In all honesty it means nothing, there are just too many variables.
if you want to know just ask them.


It’s kinda more of personal like buy her food or something,there was a time that she actually ask the guy if she can visit his house bc she kinda want to swim in their swimming pool :woman_shrugging:t2:

Not work related that’s why my friend is having doubts with the intention since this girl is asking a favor more often than usual.

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Idk but he reason out that most Taiwanese do the same when someone is asking for a favor if they can do it,they will.but the problem is the girl didn’t bother to tell his gf about this the fact that they came from the same country,also working together and they are also friends :sweat_smile:

Lol, tell her to run away. The extra info you’ve added makes it very clear.

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Not just Taiwanese women but all women will surely do get real mad to both the guy and the other girl since they are both disrespectful.

That’s exactly what I wanted to tell her :sweat_smile: but I could be wrong and might misread the situation since I don’t trust that overly friendly attitude.I always felt that there’s more to it and proven I was right and not just
imagining things.

Definitely right. :slight_smile:

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Anyways thank you for sharing your thoughts.hearing other people’s POV helps a lot.I will show it to my friend.

Sounds like a seduction attempt. A bikini is as close to naked as she can reasonably get, unless she also used his shower afterwards…

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