How do you quote someone and their post?

can’t figure it out, please help.

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A few ways. Easiest is to block the text and then click on the grey “quote” button that pops up. It’s a little buggy though. Sometimes I have to make sure there are no line breaks (what you get when you hit “enter”) between the [quote] codes and the text.

Another way is to copy the text into a post and add a > symbol before it.

why not just a quote function at the bottom of each post with all the other clickables?

even forums far more archaic than this have that.

I didn’t understand why the quote function was set up differently either. But now that I look at it, here is why it seems to be more handy than the classic quite-button-below-each-post


In this screen grab from my phone, I am able to quote multiple times throughout the discussion above, and when I click the greyed Quote button each time, it doesn’t only drop in the quoted text wherever I happen to be typing below, but it also pulls in useful details like Author name.

This method also allows the software to maintain where the quote came from above, which is a nice feature in a long discussion, where you can click on the quoted text and get the whole post in the one you are reading (to get context) instead of scrolling up to search for the post and then scrolling back to continue reading.

In phpBB, to quote and comment, you need to do a lot of cutting and pasting to acheive a similar result, and you never get that in-line referencing. :sunglasses:

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There’s that too actually. Hit “reply” on the post you want to quote. Then use the speech bubble button at top left of the posting window.


Or you can also just mention that person’s username if you want.