How do you recognise Dyslexia?

I’m wondering hopw do you recognise dyslexia and if you do think it is there what can you do to provide information. I know the safe course is to shut the F$## up and just do your job. I actually want information that I can pass on that could be useful, but I’m not going to bust anybody’s chops at my school over it.

I have one student who has trouble reading. They were drawing stampos to days and instead of writing 50 like she said, she wroet it 05. I’m wondering if it is me or should she possibly see somebody about it. When I translated dyslexia for my co-teacher she didn’t really seem to understand it, so I want to know if I’m chasing windmills or onto something.


I’ve had quite a lot of kids write backwards before. One grade 1 boy I teach 12 hours a week at the moment does it quite often, but he’s really very good at reading and writing. I guess I’m saying that that example in itself is not a sign of dyslexia, but Idon’t know how you diagnose real dyslexia.


Good question and a simple answer: no one knows really. I am severe case of dyslexia and I can tell you its no fun. I survived school by charming the teachers and cheating during exams. For my final exams in English for example, the grade depended on the ratio of style and orthography. So I used a good number of