How do you respond to staring and pointing?

What’s the proper response to staring and pointing?

  • Ignore them
  • Stare and point back
  • Leave
  • Scream and throw things
  • Give 'em the middle finger
  • Do your best Jim Carrey impression
  • Sing the FORUMOSA.COM theme song and strip
  • Hand out business cards and shake hands with everyone

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There you are, a group of Taiwanese are staring and pointing at you, and you’re not even drunk yet. What do you do? Your ideas are certainly welcome…

Actually, it’s not too bad here in Taiwan. It’s much worse in Korea and China.

I like the business card idea, though…maybe I should have some “special” ones printed up for this purpose. :smiling_imp:

Fascinating observation. I never noticed that before. NOT.

The question above from quinntheeskimo must be the type of post that wolf referred to:

New people do bring fresh insights, but frankly, they are nothing new to me. This may sound vain, but think of it like you have spent 18 years in your home country and some Chinese person comes for the first time. What keen insight is he likely to give you that you don’t already know?

Ask those people you know, if you know any, who have lived here say 15 years or more, ‘How often does someone tell you something that makes you say, ‘Wow, I never knew that’ or ‘That’s a facinating observation; I never thought of that before.’’
…and cynical? Me? I am SHOCKED! :unamused: [/quote]

I am perplexed, my answer to the poll would involve many of the options, depending on my mood. Of course now that I am a school boss I need to be polite but if I find myself in another city or town I am less careful about what other people think of me.

None of the above. It’s not my finest hour!
But I’ve seen others who’d put me to shame. Oh man!

What I can’t stand is that parents seem to think it’s perfectly ok and smile at how adorable their kids are for having noticed the monkey.

I don’t like being stared at… but, unfortunately, it comes with the territory…

If I’m in a bad mood, I usually say something to indicate my annoyance… then, when the parents apologize for their children, I inform them that I blame the parents, not the kids.

The reactions are priceless :smiling_imp:

This is all deja moo. We’ve all heard this bull before.

I’m with Tigerman.

If the parents can be engaged in conversation then I usually tell them

I give them my best f— you look. Staring and pointing does not become Taiwan’s grandiose, international aspirations.

I simply scratch my crotch.

Gross, blueface!
I had some sicko do that at me when I was a little girl. Look how I turned out!

This is isnt exactly what this thread is about but here goes, What pisses me of is: When we take our dogs to a trail and let them run. People are soooo scared of our little dog, she is the runt of the litter. They totally freak-out, jump out of the way, or raise their hands as if they are going to hit her.

Last weekend a dude kicked my friends dog. My friend almost JuJitzued his ass!

What do we do when people stare???
Give the finger, smile, look away, give “what’s your problem look”.
back. My girlfriend has an answer to people who cut us off on the scooter, we drive up along side and she wacks their car door, trunk, or whatever with her fists. Scares the shit out of the driver!
It depends on the mood of the day as mentioned above…

[quote=“Alien”]Gross, blueface!
I had some sicko do that at me when I was a little girl. Look how I turned out![/quote]

Hehehehehe…watcha doing tonite, babe? :wink:

I would said yes, I am the bigger version of Michelle Yeoh, now, do you want my autograph or NOT! :wink:

actually, i have found that the pointing and staring is not offensive at all and not at all ill-intentioned. it’s just asia. they are curious. and surprised. and most of all, excited, happy.

that is why they don’t understand when we get so angry when they do this.

remember, everyone, big nose forinners have only been coming to asia for a few decades in large numbers, before that just a few hundred years in very small numbers, we are still a real visual treat to their eyes. no harm intended! but yes, it’s a pain sometimes.

remember, we europeons have seen each other, even Musleems and AFricans, for a long long time, so we don’t stare anymore. But you can bet your multicolored ass, we used to stare the same way they do here.

call it time warp. get used to it. hand out your name cards, yes, good idea!

in all seriousfunniness, best thing is to take it with a grain of MSG, sit back and relax. make it into a joke. you laugh, they laugh, AS THE WORLD TURNS…

Yep. Pointing, staring and a whole lot more in the old Pet Peeves threads.

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Scratching your crotch, Blueface? That’s really gross. I find that careful ball adjustment is much more refined.

Bite their fingers off and poke them in the eyes with their own fingers.

I like the idea behind Steve Martin’s business cards:

“This certifies that you’ve hard a personal encounter with me and that you found me warm, polite and colorful”

On my last trip to the PRC, I took my wife to the Great Wall and felt like quite the celebrity with all the bumpkins lining up to get their photos taken with me, and I am sure that such business cards would have added to their overall experience.