How do you say "I'd like to dine on Hello Kitty's eyeballs"?

I’m serious. I wanted to say this earlier this evening and had trouble.
Please help translate!

How about…

我想優雅地吃HELLO KITTY 的眼球

Yeah, that is something that’s left out of most textbooks, and yet I also need to know it.

[quote=“puiwaihin”]How about…

我想優雅地吃HELLO KITTY 的眼球[/quote]

My friend (Taiwanese) says that’s spot on!.. :beer:

COOL! Obviously, I wanted to say it in connection with the new avatar and this week’s orgy. I get the yan3qiu2, but why you1ya3di? That strikes me as odd…

you1ya3 = greatly elegant, refinedly; de5 is written di4 when it’s connecting adverb to verb… so since you said “dine”, I’m guessing Puiwaihin translated that as “elegantly eat” or “feast”?

Yeah, as was previously said, it’s to get the feeling of “dine”.

Without the adverb it would just say “eat Hello Kitty’s eyes” and wouldn’t have the same maniaticity (new word, I like it better than maniacalness).

I knew I needed something more and rejected a bunch of ideas before my gf suggested you1ya3de.

My two cents.
Another way - not so transliterate - is :

我想要吃 Hello Kitty 眼球大餐,

since we use dine in connection with better meals.

Thanks, those were great!