How do you search for a multi-word string?

Ever since “ORIENTED” changed to “Segue”, it has been very difficult to search the archives because the search function doesn’t work when searching for more than one word at a time. For example, when you enter “open word permit” as the search criteria, and then check “search for all terms”, it only finds one single thread among all the forums! I’m sure there are at least 30 or 40 threads about the open work permit, but it only can find a single one!

But if you don’t check “search for all terms”, then it only searches for single words. For example, if you enter “open work permit” (with or without the quotes) as the search criteria, it will search for “open”, “work”, or “permit”. I just tried it, and it found 89 matches, but only a few of the matches had the words “open”, “work”, and “permit” all together as “open work permit”. Almost all of the matches found any of the three words.

Is the problem with Segue or with the way I’m entering the data?


Hi Mark,

I’ve complained about the search function as well – it doesn’t seem to work!

I’m hoping to replace it – or maybe simply supplement it – with a Google search box. But I’m skeptical about this, too, because the data in this system is stored in a SQL database format – unlike the html pages the old system used. This is why this version is supposed to be faster.

If there are any phpBB gurus out there… HELP! :o

Hi Mark,

I looked around the release website and realized that the search problems in our forum can be resolved by upgrading to 2.0.2

However, I’m reluctant to make the upgrade because of the the many modifications I’ve already done to these forums. I won’t have a significant amount of time to (a) do the upgrade and then (b) re-install the modifications until around December.

Since I’m crunched for time, do I have to be the person to do it? I suppose not – If anyone would like to pitch in to upgrade these forums, please contact me at – I’d like to get to know you better. In your message, please include a link to a phpBB board you’ve already installed.