How does eTag ETC automatic top-up work?

Recently while playing with the eTag phone app I noticed an “automatic top-up” option that gives 10% off if you register a credit card.

Last time I was driving on the highway I stopped at a service station and registered my card for this service, and since then I received an SMS message confirming the card is registered.

Now what happens; when will my eTag account get topped up?

My best guess is it will probably get topped up when the stored amount (usually 500 or 1000NT) reaches a certain level e.g: 50 or 100NT…it’s just like the Credit Card that comes with an Easy(Yo-Yo) Card function…a 500NT stored amount is set aside for Yo Yo card…after the amount reaches or dips below 50NT, it automatically tops it back up to 500NT.
Did you register an account or your car on the FETC’s website? If not, do it and you can check how much balance you have left on your account.

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To answer my own question - the balance automatically tops when it falls below $400 TWD.

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