How does the "hate speech is not free speech" crowd like the new incoming EU laws to protect you from yourself?

A pivotal moment I think, very hard to walk this one back. Give yourselves a pat on the back if you have been pushing for a government intervention for “wrong think”.

I am asking for confirmation of this ‘NEWS’ in Europe from professionals
(because it might concern me directly!)

What bothers me… is the last line:
[Donate to EFF] Help Us Protect the Free, Fair, and Open Internet
… sounds like advertisement, doesn’t it?

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Anyway, the whole article is … non sense (personal feeling)

(and the links are so weak… sorry to have tried so many of them
one cent per click… clickbait… DO NOT CLICK
every link is unrelated or just … weak)

copyright is copyright, the words you create with your keyboard are your words
they belong to you. copyright protects you
Since when can you copy and paste other people’s words? and call it freedom?

Not just the last line, but the last few lines are key…
There, you see the true agenda of this webpage…

‘’’ We suffered a crushing setback today, but it doesn’t change the mission. To fight, and fight, and fight, to keep the Internet open and free and fair, to preserve it as a place where we can organise to fight the other fights that matter, about inequality and antitrust, race and gender, speech and democratic legitimacy.
If this vote had gone the other way, we’d still be fighting today. And tomorrow. And the day after.
The fight to preserve and restore the free, fair and open Internet is a fight you commit yourself to, not a fight that you win. The stakes are too high to do otherwise.
Donate to EFF
Help Us Protect the Free, Fair, and Open Internet’’

‘To steal somebody’s words’ and ‘Protect the Free, Fair, and Open Internet’ are unrelated !

Waiting for a debate

The EFF is news, they may be the canary, Take a look at their advisory board.

Urrm, I guess it does, it is kind of founded on money from people that are concerned about their cause. Steve Wazniak, one of the original founders of Apple back in 1990 put money to found EFF because he foresaw the legal problems yet unsolved.

much ado about nothing

Much of the outrage has been over two parts of the directive: Articles 11 and 13. But their intent, when described by supporters anyway, is pretty benign. Article 11 simply gives publishers the right to ask for paid licenses when their news stories are shared by online platforms, while Article 13 says that online platforms are liable for content uploaded by users that infringes copyright.

i will keep reading later

but i repeat my questions / issues

copyright is copyright, the words you create with your keyboard are your words
they belong to you. copyright protects you
Since when can you copy and paste other people’s words? and call it freedom?

‘To steal somebody’s words’ and ‘Protect the Free, Fair, and Open Internet’ are unrelated !

did i miss something?

Hey @Rockefeller would love to hear your opinion on all this.

Corporate minds, once again quashing freedom of expression because they want to make a dime.

the words i write somewhere, somehow, in whatever language are NOT free

it is unrelated to your goal of having an ‘open and free and fair’ internet

copyright means:

copied/pasted from wikipedia

Copyright is a legal right, existing in many countries, that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to determine whether, and under what conditions, this original work may be used by others.[ citation needed ] [1] This is usually only for a limited time. The exclusive rights are not absolute but limited by limitations and exceptions to copyright law, including fair use. A major limitation on copyright on ideas is that copyright protects only the original expression of ideas, and not the underlying ideas themselves.[ citation needed ] [2][3]

oh, ok, let’s wait for rockfeller … sounds like the master of the master of copyright around the world

Did you pick up that this EU directive will probably mean that if you’re a smallish content provider then soon you may be presented with a choice that will impact your future?

  1. Become proficient in exploiting various content filters, or
  2. Align with a large company that is able to call up personally the ones doing the filtering and fix your particular issue quickly.

Fairly stark choice, especially if you don’t have talented web programming resources.

That is one takeaway from the article @Mick posted.


Seems like every few years we need to fight against this sort of thing, the last round was PIPA and SOPA, or perhaps the TPP would have achieved the same thing.

Either way, right of free speech has always been a red line in the sand, up till now anyway. I’m sure the “hate speech is not free speech” crowd will say this is not what they meant. Well, no shit Sherlock, the Government takes your pleas for no free speech in cases where it is warranted and turns it into a shit sandwich for the population in hopes of boosting corporate wallets. I’m shocked.

Anyway, at least it’s not implemented here. I’m often talking to my brother in the UK, it seems being blocked from viewing certain “wrong think” websites is becoming more common.

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(Dear pal: you know I stay out of this board for a reason, right?)


Which of course I deeply respect, I won’t add anything more to drag you further into an unwanted debate. Except to say hi and wish you well.

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Investigated by the premier league. Interviewed by police. Banned by the club.


A 4 month investigation from the police about social media posts. Great use of resources right there.


Police hardly ever even turn up to shoplifting. To be fair they have been massively defunded over the last decade, but priorities…

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I think the four month investigation was by the premier league. By a group set up to stop racism or something.