How easy is it to sponsor someone's work permit?

A family member of my wife recently opened a European restaurant in Tainan, and they are looking for a manager. They are friendly with my brother (who lives in the UK and is a bar manager) and wish to hire him to manage the restaurant. He has been to Taiwan many times, but only as a visitor. Regardless of whether he would be a good fit to manage the restaurant or not, I would like to know the feasibility of him getting a work permit to manage this restaurant. He has at least five years experience in the hospitality industry, no degree. I have seen Indian chefs in Indian restaurants so I guess its possible somehow… Does he need to prove his expertise in his field? Could someone help clarify things for me?

The following site explained requirements of employees and employers to get work permits.

Chef jobs are category A2 or A15 of Specialized or Technical Works, iirc.


@tando or anyone interested. A company in the US has approached me about a position they’ve been looking to fill in the US. I informed them of my location, and they have operations here, but the person on the phone seemed to slow down when we talked about work permits. This would be a supervisor role in an engineering capacity, supporting the semi conductor industry.

If a company has had operations here for a while, the local reps should have no sweat setting up a permit, or is it a herculean task? When I went to Switzerland, the company had to present evidence why no citizens could perform the same job. Is there anything like that here, or could the local office essentially go to 7/11 and do the deed? I expect the answer is somewhere in between.

All insight is appreciated in advance.


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