How far left is Tammy Duckworth?

My dad once told me about a hapa (half-Asian) politician/veteran named Tammy Duckworth and I’ve been kind of curious to do a little bit of research about her.
IDK much about her but all I know is that Tammy Duckworth is a Thai/American senator and retired Army National Guard lieutenant colonel. She lost her legs fighting in the Iraq War.
And politics-wise, she’s a Democrat (corporal democrat) and she hates Trump and Carl Tucker because of their military comments.

I’m not pro or anti Trump but alot of the people that are all like “we hate Trump blah blah blah” are kind of annoying and it seems alot of them are just doing it because it’s trendy and cool. (Ex: Cardi B and Claudia Conway)
But I have no problem with Democrats if they are educated enough and can argue their case well enough. I think Tammy Duckworth seems like an intelligent, good person.
Like I said, I just dipped my toes into the political waters but I’m still not big into politics and being a teenager, I admit that I’m rather uneducated in terms of politics.
But I’m curious to hear more about Duckworth.

She is. Btw, and this is just a pet peeve of mine as an old English teacher, “a lot” is two words. :slight_smile:



I get the impression she’s centre left, not far left like AOC. I don’t get a sense of woke entitlement from a woman who has family in the developing world and lost her legs serving her country in the military.

so yeah, Senator Duckworth is alright in my books (I’m not a US citizen)


Here you go, seems she was in Taiwan a few days ago.

In her address, Duckworth announced that the U.S. will be donating 750,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Taiwan as part of its plan to share at least 80 million vaccines doses globally.

That’s nice of her. Politically it’s worth noting she is the Senator for Illinois which used to be President Obama’s old Senate seat and according to her Wiki

Duckworth was endorsed by Barack Obama, who actively campaigned for her.

Illinois covers Chicago, which is worth noting also. Connections in politics are important.

You can read about all of her positions here:

Mostly I don’t care about her politics. She was among those who decided it was a good idea to flip off Beijing and give Taiwan vaccines. She was in that group that came to Taiwan.

What little I do know of her, she’s a badass. Politics of anything aside, she lost her legs while fighting for our country and also gave birth to a baby girl at age 50 and while in office.

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I recall her tearing some guy a new asshole in some committee testimony. The guy claimed a Veterans Grant for a sliver in his finger or something. She went off. If I recall correctly that is.

It was over a twisted ankle in in the Navy or something idk

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Yeah sounds about right.
And speaking of AOC & Duckworth, Duckworth onced very mildly criticized AOC for being too left wing.

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