How happy are you with your partner?


  • I’m married and madly in love.
  • I’m married and content with him/her.
  • I’m married and somewhat unhappy with him/her.
  • I’m married and miserable.
  • I’m madly in love with my bf/gf.
  • I’m content with my bf/gf.
  • I’m somewhat unhappy with my bf/gf.
  • I’m miserable with my bf/gf.
  • No spouse, no bf/gf, just lurking here.

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Just curious.

Why is there no "Madly in love and miserable"option?

Good point. I guess extreme emotions often go together in the same package. Hmm. :ponder: I guess just pick the most applicable one.

You really wanna know? :s

I’m somewhat content. Sort of in a rut but too lazy to find anything better.

I think that speaks for a whole lot of people, more than most will admit.

Why is there no “extremely horny but no gf/bf or spouse” option?

That’s kinda the rut I’m in (which isn’t helped at all by the loud nocturnal lovemaking sounds of my neighbours :fume: ), and as Mod Lang said, I’m too lazy to find anything (else)…

What’s the option for I’m very happy for an evening and a night together, but then he has to go, as long as he’s available again about two days later?

I could tell you, but then I’d have to… well, ehm, never mind :wink:

Why is there no “extremely horny but no gf/bf or spouse” option?
Why is there no “extremely horny but gf/bf or spouse won’t sleep with you” option?

Yeah. And where’s “married and happy without my spouse” option?

Yeah, and where’s the “married and happy with my bf/gf” option?

Teach me how to answer and I’ll do so.

How do you spell extatic (Sp?)…you know what I mean…

Anyway she’s the mutt’s nutz.

I second that emotion. Especially when the tequila bottle is empty.


Today I voted married and miserable, tonight I must add divorced and on my way back home.

I’m happy as a lark I am I am… :smiley:


Oh, yes…that’ll be the word then :blush: Just watched …and justice for all TM with Pacino. Wonderful.


Strange, I am available again but you did not call me :shh: