How is living in Japan as a foreign family?

The title.

How is it? Is it better/worse than, or similar to living here?

Not from a western country affects?

It can be difficult, especially if you have children that will go to school. A few people I know went to school in Japan, and they were not well accepted and sometimes people will pick on them. My friends dad is a diplomat from Korea and went he was sent to japan, he couldn’t wait to leave. Had an awful time in school there for him.

As an adult, you’ll also get some of that but you’re mature enough to just ignore it.

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I heard people say that Japanese do not like foreigners at all.

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Yes, Kids are the biggest concern.

My Japanese coworkers also said it could be hard for kids.

I know some taiwanese families who lived in Japan with kids. They are positive on their experiences in Japan, but the parents speak Japanese well, and I haven’t heard from their kids.

That is the same what I heard. My impression on Japan is they are more xenophobic than taiwanese.

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They are definitely way more xenophobic than Taiwanese but hide it usually behind a veil of 'cultural differences ’ , 'language differences ’ and forced smiles .

Taiwanese just thinks every other country except China is better than Taiwan.

I had quite a different experience in Japan as a young adult. Met an old guy at the bar and grill and we started talking. He was one of the Japanese working closely with MacArthur during the occupation. Many drinks later an entourage shows up and I was led to a fancy house with an even fancier buffet and open bar. The old guy retired for the night but his friends and family treated me like royalty, put me up for the night and took me to the airport after breakfast in the morning. Most of them spoke decent English. The only one that looked at me differently was the teenage girl that came from school at some point. She was probably just tired of Grandpa bringing all the foreigners home though, lol.

you won’t be accepted unless you’re Japanese unfortunately

Pretty sure they don’t.

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A lot of young people do in my experience.

what do you mean to be accepted?

Did you live in Japan since you were a kid, or go there by yourself as a young adult?

Just visited.

You are saying Taiwanese people think third world countries and developing countries are better than Taiwan ?


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Shit holes excluded of course.
Both TL and I mean developed first-world countries. It should have been obvious.

From my experience in Japan, I would saw now days (2019) and many years ago is quite different and like Taiwan it’s where your from (White better than dark). Japan currently has a lot more visitors (non Japanese and well residents) so people are getting more used to non Japanese residents. Example is many 7-11/Lawsons/Family have people from India and other places working there now and people would not care much now days where as 10 years ago not so well (I speak Japanese and I would hear comments about non-Japanese residents (bad) and now days less so and many think immigration is good (not all). Also Japan is big(er) country , so there are differences in the regions and thinking. Not so different than New Zealand where Auckland (biggest city) is very open to immigrants (20%+ Asian), and some (not all)smaller towns not so open (not only non NZ/AU , just non local).


Good comment…I also noticed a lot of foreigners in Tokyo, working in the convenience stores and restaurants , there are also massive numbers (too many now ) of tourists… (which makes it a pain going through immigration ).
Japan is also a far bigger country and Tokyo itself has large numbers of foreign professionals . All good points.

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Yes, Tokyo yes many foreign professionals. Its something I wish Taiwan could do. Besides Tokyo, an interesting place is Niesko near Sapporo. I big Aussie outpost, so much so Qantas will fly to Sapporo. I meet many Aussies there as well Kiwis, Irish(I thought wages in Ireland are quite high compared to NZ but still many working in cafes, ect) as well good size Taiwanese working holiday makers. There is an international school there and related services, so it really depends where you live (a lot).

Tokyo is still ahead, but I think the number of foreign professionals in Taiwan is growing steadily. It’s definitely improved a lot over the past decade.

As for Japan, I’ve only visited Tokyo. For the most part, I didn’t notice/feel like I was treated any differently than in Taipei. It may be very different when you actually live there though.

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Any numbers on that ?

They go there for the skiing I guess.