How long are shops open today - New Year's Eve?

Hi all, I hope everyone has nice plans for the new years celebration this evening. :champagne:

We need to do some shopping today for basics like bedding, etc., towels, cleaning supplies. Will retail shops like Carrefour be closing early today? What about tomorrow, on New Year’s Day?

Thanks and wishing everyone a joyous New Year’s Eve. :fireworks:

I think you just got to call. Taiwan isn’t as into giving holidays off as western countries for things like New Years because we have Chinese New Years. So many places will stay open.

Chains probably have the same hours as normal - I’ll be quite surprised if they’re closing earlier tonight; they’ll almost definitely be open tomorrow, although perhaps an hour or two later.

But depending where you are, be careful about heading out tonight - the traffic to see the fireworks can get pretty bad.

Thank you @lostinasia and @Andrew0409 :grinning: