How long can I overstay?

My ARC runs out on the 16th of January. My school applied to renew my ARC a couple of weeks ago, and so I’ll probably be late taking the paperwork down to the police station.

Just how long can I overstay without having to pay a fine or having to leave the country?

Is the police station open on Chinese new year?

Well,it’s been a month and u got no replies! That’s effing great cuz i’m in
a similar situation. tell me. What happened to you?

If in this situation, you should go to the Foreign Affairs Police with evidence that you have applied for an ARC extension. If you have no evidence on paper, get a phone number for the department dealing with your application and get the police to phone them. The police will probably give you an extra week or two. Do NOT leave it until you have already overstayed! If you do, you WILL be fined!