How long does it take to travel around Taiwan in different way?

How long does it take to travel around Taiwan ?
My friend and i want to have beautiful memories for our graduation gift. :+1:

It’s around 1000km. Time depends on mode of transport / how many places you want to stop at etc. You could drive or get train and do a complete circuit in a day if you like - obviously that wouldn’t give you much time to stop and see things.

I have been contemplating doing ‘the lap’ by Train in a day…its quite doable, though pretty much no time to see anything beyond a few minutes at major change points. My partner and others have said I am ‘mad’ for even thinking of it - they are right of course.

I have travelled the entire rail network of two European Countries in less than a day…less than an hour even, and with a stop at every station too!!

But yes, it depends on how much time you have and what sort of places you want to see. There are lots of small places on the East Coast that would be worth a look, even if its just getting off one train, wandering about for an hour and then getting the next one. I think the TRA sells tickets that allow a circuit, though you need to then pay for reservations if required.

The scenery on the east coast is well worth the price of the ticket…the west coast I’m not so sure!

Read John Groot’s book “Taiwanese Feet”.

The idea of traveling around Taiwan as a graduation trip is awesome.

There is one or two trains that circle the island. I think it’s train #1 (TRA)