How many KMT/PFP/Blues does it take to change a lightbulb?

Imaginative answers to this and other irreverent jokes appreciated.

about the same as it would for DPP guys. However the DPP guys would say this was a move towards democracy as they did the job by consesus and the KMT would say fixing the bulb was maintaining the status quo…

zero. hire a labor contractor to hire a thai. charge the thai an illegal fee, collect the fee, have the thai change the light bulb then deport him for working without the proper paperwork.

One to change the bulb and another 10 to stand around and say how much better it would be if all the lightbulbs were made in China.

They don’t change the lightbulb, they demand that an expert to come from the USA to change it for them, and a special commitee be convened to decide who should take responsibility for the broken one.

One senior bulb-changer, 14 deputies, 22 assistants and NT$70,000. Not to mention the 16 million Taiwanese tax-payers to foot the bill

This is too easy :wink:

Pan-Blue supporters - the Blacks of Forumosa :wink:

We’ll need to recount to actually know how many KMT/PFP/Blues it takes to change a lightbulb. That not being enough, we need to revote. And revote again. Until Lien Chan is the President.

Changing the light bulb would leave China no choice but to invade. Taiwan must keep on using the old burnt-out one.

0 – They are not even allowed to touch the light bulb because it’s a green bulb and they don’t “love” the socket the way CSB does.

  1. And they need to have a relay hunger strike before tearfully demanding that the president does it for them.


Only James S :hubba: ng. But somebody has to fetch one from the presidential offices for him tonight.

They wouldn’t bother changing the light bulb. They would just stand around complaining about how incompetent the DPP were installing that kind of light bulb in the first place.

They’d want the US to build the house for free, use Chinese labor, the US would have to bribe them…and then build a light bulb factory in Taipei County. :laughing:

Some possibilities…

Zero. They’d pretend they can still see.

What do you mean “a” light bulb? I demand a recount!

Nasty one -
Two. One to change the light bulb, and one to take a shot at it.

A ‘light bulb’ related pun…

ZERO, as they have never had an idea anyway.

Few more for ya…

Zero. They

Thought of one more.

One, Sisy Chen. Unfortunately, she thought she was supposed to screw a light bulb.