How Many Scooters?



I think this may have more to do with charisma in your case. I mean, everyone loves Scorpios.

In general the gals want a guy who can pull up in a decent vehicle so she doesn’t have to jam a helmet over her hairdo. And they can take trips out of town much more easily. It’s just more comfortable!

Although sitting close together on your scooter can be just fine for a casual, local date.


I was trying to find the Volvo ad that compares it to a Ferrari I think it was - a Volvo can pick up more chicks than a Ferrari


I picked “How many scoots do you have?”

I love answering questions with a question.


Thanks for the compliment, but I’m pretty sure it was the scooter. The thought of straddling a purring mechanical steed and hitting the open (well, maybe not so open) road for a dangerous and thrilling adventure really got the ladies’ pulses racing.

This just helps weed out the pampered princesses who are worried about their hairdo. Win win.

Now you’re talking.


Not for the ones who ride their own to work every day!


Do you actually have a cat like your icon implies? Cats work too.


Now this is solid advice. In Taiwan “Do you want to come over and see my cat?” is code for “Let’s do sex.”

See also: “Come over and I will teach you how to cook x dish.” It’s sex time.


True, but they’re a relatively small segment of the ladyfolk demographic. But they rock as well. They tend to be more independent and adventurous.


My wife doesn’t follow through on that one…


Our household has 0. The wife used to have one, but the suspension broke when I sat on it.

Now we only have a Jimny.


The cooking or the sex? Or both?


When the wife says “I will teach you how to cook”, she actually tries to teach me how to cook. Bummer!


Well, at least you don’t end up empty-handed.


Yes, it’s very common throughout Taiwan. Taipei, nevermind they don’t really relate.

Scooters come and go almost as easily as bicycles. And in traditional Taiwan no one would steal someone’s scooter who is known locally. Unless they are new or high. So the only real reason a scooter is stolen is if you’re unknown and parked out of town or the police take it cause most aren’t legal (will only happen in the far north). Even if a scooter goes missing, if you park them around the island you probably already saved so much money the 15 to 25k it cost has been made.back. and if it gets stolen its generally found withinI days due to such a high survalence system in Taiwan. Only time I had trouble was. Left one for a couple months in the south in a very stupid spot, forgot where and when I, so when tried to get.police to check it was hard as cctv generally is kept for.7 days. After that they rely on recognition technology and.police patrols. So it took 3 months for them to find it. I was angry, he was caught , he’s in jail, and I have my.s ooter back. Petty theft is a rare thing here. But its getting more and more common for sure. The traditional untouchable style of taiwa.seems to be disappearing.