How Many Scooters?



Taking a poll here.

How many scooters do you have? Especially with family of 4 in Taipei and both parents working?


I have 0. Completely busbound/mrtbound.

The forums do have a poll option that can be inserted so we can select in an easier-to-digest fashion. Perhaps the mods can add one in?


3, we leave a scooter or 2 around the island for when we travel for work. Take train, head out on scooter. If a person travels to certain spots frequently that are out of the city, it quickly pays off buying a used scooter. I swear half the scooters at train stations in the south are parked similarly.


oh wow… never thought of that. no wonder the number of scooters is so massive compared to the population.




I have 1. Bought it new in 2011 and it has 56,000 km on it. It had 1 km on it when I picked it up after I ordered it.


1 scooter, 1 big motorcycle, 1 car. Wife works at an office, but I work at home.


2 scooters, 2 big motorcycles, 1 car. Use public transportation and scooters during the week. Car and big scooter in the weekend.

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1 scooter, 2 bicycles.

Bike to work. Scooter for everything else and when it’s raining.

You can see where my priorities are.


I have two scooters for my own personal use, but I’m thinking of consolidating.


People do this?! :exploding_head:

What happens when you go looking for one of the placeholder scooters and it’s damaged or gonezo? Or has that never happened?


Some funny guy clicked on the billion trillion option…what a hoot!


Ridiculous…there’s not even that many in Taipei.


Well there’s no 0 option so I’m going to have to do that myself


Get one ASAP. Scooters are chick magnets.


I can’t drive one, although I will get an international driver’s license soon so I might get a 50cc one
Might put some stickers on it. Something along these lines. What do you think?


No, no, no. Just get your scooter license, buy a used pocket rocket, and you’ll have a hot scooter chick on the back lickety split.


Don’t lead the poor guy astray. Chicks want a man with a nice car, not a scooter.


Experience tells me otherwise. I’ve never owned a car in my life, and I had to fight the ladies off. Two or more passengers on the back of a scooter is just too dangerous.