How many secondary ARC's can I have?

I have a full time teaching job that’s my main ARC and a secondary one at another school. Is it possible to sign up for a third elsewhere?

yes. You can have 3… Total hours must equal 32hours or less. First a minimum of 14hours and the second and third a minimum of 6 hours. Or at least it used to be.

shouldn’t the question be ‘how many work permits can I have’?

You only get one ARC and I believe the above is correct for work permits.

[quote=“Abacus”]shouldn’t the question be ‘how many work permits can I have’?[/quote]This is correct. Everyone can only have one Alien Resident Card (ARC), but you can have multiple work permits. Specifically, you MUST have a work permit for every place you work to be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations regarding employment.

This limit is pretty annoying, since schools don’t actually care about the law, and will give you one or two hours, while telling the government that you have more so they can still get the permit.

I’m luckily changing to a real full time job so I don’t hit this limit so easily, but most adult schools only want to give you one or two classes.

It’d be a lot easier if I could just work where I want and go between all the schools downtown to my various classes since they’re all near each other. The combination of rules and schools not giving a fuck about them makes being legal pretty difficult.