How much can I get for my scooter?

After four accidents too many in 8 months of driving here :fume: , i’ve opted for selling my scooter before i get killed or before the thing is in pieces… (maybe rent for a bit when i remember how great the freedom of riding is :sunglasses: )

my question is: where can i go to get an accurate assessment of how much my scooter is worth? after the accidents it is hard to know what i can get for it. I don’t wanna to rip anyone off nor sell it for too little, just sell it for about what it’s worth…


I am living in Taipei btw.

Go to Jeremy’s at Bike Farm or if you live close to Chung-Ho drop by my buddies at 35 Anhe Road. Another option, post up a picture and specification of your scooter here. Many of the guys here will be able to give you an accurate estimate.