How much do teachers pay for medical schemes?

I want to know how much do teachers pay for medical schemes in Taiwan? My school is deducting NTD 2475 a month from my salary,while I’ve heard that other teachers don’t pay more than NTD500. When I asked my school about this,they said that it is standard and that everybody pays this!!
Please help!!

I’ve never paid more than NT547. Find a doctor that can speak English…ask them to push your card into the computer and ask what kind of insurance you have. Tell your boss you wanted to get some surgery done and thought because you pay so much it may be covered, but then the hospital told you you only have the basic cover.

Basic National Health Insurance -which is mandatory for everyone- is about an average of 600nts, but the amount depends on your salary and dependents. It can go higher, I know people who get deducted double that.

That you get deducted more is probably because, in addition to this, you also have extra coverage for, let’s say, private room while hospitalized, non-working days because of accident, and -Heaven forbid- early demise. Those are usually booked as a group, and range from 1000nts up.

That your boss is so uncooperative may mean that they are adding this forcibly -no choice in saying yes or no to it-, and would rather not have any teacher out of coverage, maybe due to legal responsibilities, but mostly about cost. If you have additional coverage, you should have a small card, too, identifying the company and kind of coverage, in case you need it -i.e. get run over.

Just checked my pay stub, and I pay about 900NT for health insurance plus another 600NT for labor insurance. Perhaps the 2500NT you pay includes your labor insurance money?

If I go to a doctor,would they be able to tell me what kind of insurance I have and how much that is?I only receive a pay stub with the description of Insurance on it!!

If you’re self employed (as in having your own company/rep office and paying for it out of your own pocket) you pay a lot more, I guess it depends on how much the school is subsiding your medical insurance or not. Maybe they feel it’s up you to pay for the full lot and then it’s not at all an unreasonable figure.

I’m thinking that is actually what’s going on!!!

You could probably go to the health insurance office and check there. It’s between Taipei Main Station and NTU Hospital MRT. They have English assistance I think.

That’s what I thought as well, they don’t actually speak English at the “English courtesy desk” though…

The school cannot decide how much an employee pays. It sounds like the school is forcing the OP to pay the part the school is legally required to contribute as an employer.

I agree. Sounds like they’re taking the full payment out of your salary.
I pay $3960/month for a family of 4 that includes some extras above basic. Of course labor insurance is additional, at $571/month.

:ponder: I pay my own: nt$800 or so a month. Is that really a lot more? :eh:

I pay a heck of a lot more than that, well, my company does on my behalf, but as it’s my company… :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe I need to borrow your accountant :laughing:

So, aside from this pay stub, do you have your NHI card, with the chip and your picture in it?

If you have extra insurance, you should have a different card ASIDE/on addittion/plus the NHI one.

Sune, the main office is on the corner of Zhongshan North Road and Civil Boulevard.

It is important for you to personally verify this, as if you have an ARC, paying NHI is mandatory. If the school is playing hooky in any way -making you pay full fare, which we do not know but suspect- they can tell you. Furthermore, if teh school is giving you the runaround -taking a bigger chunk than expected- they might also be keeeping the NHI money, which will be a little cumbersome down teh road when the NHI people come to you to collect their money “owed”.

Do not ask teh school. Go to NHI, ask casually, do not raise a fuss. Remember: do not make anyone lose face, it is vital you do not raise your voice first. Always play the victim. Yes, I know it is against your nature, but step softly and you will get far. … g-Gung.htm

Here is a case that may be relevant.

So what happened?