How much do you earn - how much do you spend on your rent in 2016-2017?

Hey there!
Quick question: I’m wondering how big percentage of your salaries is spend on your rent? Is 25-30% of income spend on rent the area to aim for?

I wouldn’t spend over 25% of my salary on rent… it isn’t necessary either… personally I spend less than 20% on my rent for a full furnished apartment with two rooms including water, tv, internet and everything in the room was brand new when I moved in.

I spend about 20%

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more than that. i didn’t wanna live in a bummy, tiny and inconvenient place though, which is hard in taipei. it is too much though, i want a cheaper place. when my contract is up i am going to have a mission finding a new place.

20% is kind of the basic guideline, yeah?

I think so. And it pays to shop around And to bargain down. If you say that you only have X money available they might come down.

Is this percentage in terms of your net or gross salary? I realise if you’ve been in Taiwan for quite some time tax is quite low but just curious. I work in France doing TEFL and pay about 25% of my salary (net) on rent sharing and actually if I wanted a decent place of my own that figure would go up to about 40%

i stay in san fracisco for 3 years. I spent 20-25% on my rent. But Now in new york i spent at 35-40. Is too expensive for me

16% of the monthly salary.

Yeah, I remember in those Budget Calculating deals, they always say that if you’re paying more than 20% (of your gross, IIRC) for accommodation, it’s too much.
Of course, if you’re living in some frigging Upside Down like here in Stinkytown, where property prices are mental (and owner/landlords leave places vacant for YEARS rather than lower the rent) AND wages are lower than snake shit, that can be a tough deal.
Me, I’m about the same as Auntie Panic, maybe 17%.

That’s Auntie Caution for you, mister. Do you want me to start talking about allotments for retirement plans, cancer insurance, long term disability insurance, and other scary stuff or are we not close enough to Halloween?

I’m approx 15% on one wage and it’s one of the main reasons we are still in Taiwan. NOT being a global hotspot has its advantages!
Would rather buy a house but prices are still too high even in outskirts.

That’s MISTER mister to you, young lady.

how do you manage that while living in taipei without living in a shit box?

New Taipei City baby.

Yea I read that too, I also rented at 25% before thinking that was OK n I felt the pinch. Rents vary so much depending on the type of building n location n type of landlord too. We moved last month, landlord selling the place so we had to. Got ten extra ping in a nicer flat fir 1500 a month less rent. Same location, but its a walk up. Have to pay for them elevators, rubbish bins n security apparently

I am currently unemployed so I guess I should start looking around for a place that is about 20% of zero. Either that or leave the country.

Ouch, that sucks. I guess its tealit time huh.

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Haha, no I’m just joking. I’m making a long planned move back to Australia, which is why I quit my job.

Back on topic: 20% was about exactly what I was paying before. But for the last couple of years my wife and I wanted to save money so we got a small place out here in frigging lower Xinzhuang. With our combined income we were paying roughly 14%.

which part? there is quite a variation in rent price(and convenience) depending on which district.

antarcticbeech: combined rent payment! i wish! that would split my rent in half, i would be laughing at how little i would be paying. don’t see my gf doing that unless we married though.