How much do you know about LGBTQ?

I got 9/12.

Your link doesn’t work

Let’s see if this works:

Oh, my link was through to my final score - which I am confident nobody will beat.


I’m pretty good with historical trivia, but that was a lot harder than I had expected.

5/12 lol :joy:


I genuinely got 9/12. Got lucky with a few 50/50 guesses though.

5/12. Guess I’d better relinquish my homo card.


Sorry friends.

I thought that psycho Roseanne laid claim to the first TV gay kiss??

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Yeah, I remember that episode (and the hype around it) as well.

Boy, she changed for the worse. :confused:

Broken link. Guess I’m not woke enough to even take the quiz… :disappointed_relieved:

Check out the third post down.

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Got 6/12. Mostly missed the British stuff.