How much do you pay for schooling?

My daughter is soon approaching 4 and we are thinking of sending her to a local chinese nursery, preferably on a half day basis. Would like to know how much is everyone paying for their children (pro-rated monthly fee?)

In Chiayi, it’s $10,000/month for a half day. I’m guessing Taipei would be quite a bit more expensive.

I pay 9500/semester and then 3500/month for half days, but I live out in the sticks. The price probably increases when you get closer to civilisation. (Not that I’m complaining) This includes one bowl of fried rice at lunch every day follwed by a 2mm slice of guava, washed down with seaweed soup. Said no to their bus service though, too many horror stories on that subject. They also charge for this and that but ony a few hundred dollars a month. I am generally pleased with what it is doing for my daughter as my main reason for putting her there was just to be able to socialize in a larger group. (Her, not me)

Both of my kids go to kindergarten in Taipei city, near Ta An Park. My daughter is in her last year at a Chinese Montessori at about $16,000 a month and my son is 2yrs old in a 0-3yrs Montessori for about the same. Drop off at 8 and pick up at 6pm.

My son goes to a bilingual preschool and we pay $10,500 a month plus about $40000 each semester for registration. The total is around $200,000 a year including other small fees. We live in Da An District (near Xin Yi District). Class room instruction is from 9 AM until 4 PM but you can drop off your kids as early as 8 and pick them up by 7 PM.