How much work time do you spend screwing around on Internet?

What % of the time you are at work being paid do you spend screwing around on the Internet, doing non-work-related stuff?

  • Never
  • Less than 5%
  • 6% to 15%
  • 16% to 30%
  • 31% to 50%
  • 51% to 65%
  • More than 65%

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Please be honest. I promise I won’t report you to Laoban.

And, when I say screwing around on the internet, I don’t mean forumosa happens to be there all day on your browser if you happen to click on it. I mean time actually spent reading or writing posts, sending personal emails, shopping online, reading the news/gossip, checking out cool websites, looking at Porn :astonished: , etc.

Checking this poll is raising my percentage. Can I vote again?

I don’t think people will want to admit to themselves - let alone to forumosa - how lazy they are.

You’d have more luck with a topic such as “How often do you fantasize about other women when you are banging your ball n’chain?”

:laughing: AJ, it’s not necessarily laziness. Some of us have support jobs where we wait at the desk until we’re needed, and need to kill time while waiting for the work to come. God, I love my job. :cookie:

Oooh, that’s a good one. Thanks. Mind if I use it?

I don’t have the internet at work :frowning:

It’s not screwing around if it’s only on the internet.

:notworthy: :bravo: :laughing:

My question is if you consider using personal break time as paid time. I have no problem with getting on the web at work during working hours if I keep it within my 1 hour lunch break. I only need about 15 minutes to eat, so if I screw around on the net for 45 minutes total (maybe 15 here and 15 there, not usually all at once) I don’t think of it as stealing time from my boss.

If you count that, then I’ll have to report myself as in the 5% group. If not, then pretty much close to never.

My work doesn’t really allow for that as I don’t work behind a desk. The time when I did we didn’t have internet…

Unfortunately, the time I spend online at home is - way too much. So I ration myself. That is to say, only on certain days.

Honestly, at this current job, it’s over 50%. But I make sure I fulfill all my obligations on time first.

So you ARE being paid to moderate us! This is intolerable! :smiley: