How North Korean news protrays the US

English and Chinese Subtitled.

This is what censorship looks like… Most of it looks like footage of some snow storm and perhaps Hurricane Sandy cut together to show case those who lost their homes due to disasters, but also the American homeless and the working poor (which is something that has yet to be addressed).

I did not notice the insatiable appetite for snow in the US. Well… other than children that is…

That’s awesome :thumbsup: The birds look yummy. The poor and lonely homosexuals huddle together drinking yummy snow while compassionate North Korean homosexuals hand out blankets :roflmao: They’re just trying to copy their big cousins Russia and China who reported the same sort of nonsense in their newspapers back in the day. North Korea is so 1970

The company 鳳凰衛視 is Hong Kong based, but they do broadcast in China, and judging by the subtitle the footage was shown in China. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like this video kind of pokes at the Chinese censorship back in the 70s, and mirrors what it does today as well. Strange that no one has a problem with this being shown in China.

That was completely awesome. Snow in a cup. One daily. Where can I find such a land of plenty?

Hmm. two guys, one cup.