How often are you changing your mask?

  • More than one mask per day
  • One mask per day
  • One mask lasting two days
  • One mask lasting three or more days

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One mask lasting three or more days. But I assume people’s answers are going to vary widely based on commuting and office situations. I’ve got my own private office and my commute is a short walk, so today for example I’ve worn a mask for maybe 10 minutes (while buying groceries) thus far. If I were wearing the mask 10-12 hours a day, the masks wouldn’t last as long!


Yeah same here. Private office so only wear the mask for MRT and any public spaces that require it. So at least a week.

With all the mask peripheral products like mask liners, cloth covers or using the rice cooker for disinfection, I suspect many people use a mask for more than a week.

I use one mask over two days. The first day, I use those inserts that go over the straps, and the second day, just the mask.

Before when we are getting 3 masks per week, I use 1 mask for a week, and rotate my cloth mask covers and wash and clean the used one daily.

Now that we are up to 9 masks for 2 weeks, I am using 2 masks per week. One for even weekdays and the other for odd weekdays. I dropped the mask cover, and place a tissue paper in between my mouth and the absorbent layer of my mask. I then change the tissue paper twice a day.

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I dunno, some of my masks may be a lot older than a week … I’ve got them seeded in different jackets and bags. There are a couple that may be a month old, but have perhaps only been worn for an accumulated 2-3 hours.

I’ll be changing them more often now that we seem to be past jacket weather.

Where’s the “I don’t wear masks” option? Got a pack of 50 back in January before all the restrictions, have maybe 35 left now - only used on MRT. No need to put on a mask to pop by 7/11 for 3 minutes.

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Same here. I hate things touching my face and with a mask, I am on my face more than ever.

I don’t even wear glasses and still have at least 60 years left on these eyes before they start to go.

Once a week for me. I spritz it with alcohol after use and let it sit to dry.

Masks are a limited commodity at the moment; I want mine to last.

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Don’t. You are damaging the water-proof layer.


No. I think it’s the static electrical layer.

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Either way, alcohol doesn’t mix well with your medical mask. Unless you are using it on a cloth mask, which in that case, just wash it with soap, it’s more effective.


Once a day. Gotta wear it at work, most shopping places, restaurants, coffee shops, pet shops, MRT, bus… In summary, most of the day. Heck, I pay 3000 NTD to get the damn stuff from non reputable sources, I am lucky I get functional ones dimmit. I do not depend on the local supply only, don’t know how everyone else does. And I had a two month emergency supply before this debacle started.

They sell a made in Japan mask disinfectant. That’s 700 NTD. UV wands or boxes range from 1000 NTD on. Sigh.

Three/week. Social distancing is impossible in packed classrooms. My Friday one lasts the whole weekend, though, as a very rarely go out. I’m pretty introverted.

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No way a surgical mask can last 3 or more days. I’m currently using one for every 2 days, but I think even that is stretching the limits of their effectiveness. By day 2, the mask feels pretty grotty.

One mask per day. Then again I work from home so I hardly have to go out. On days when I spend my time outdoors, I stick with a cloth mask.

I’m somewhat of a hermit already. But my socializing has been limited even more so since this Covid mess all began. I have 4 masks. I’ve only used 1 of them so far. But I’m not in the daily situations a lot of the other foreigner base are here.

I need at least one or two per day if I go out.

The question is: How often should we change our disposable masks?