How often do you cook?

How often do you cook?

  • Never
  • 1-20% of the time
  • 21-50%
  • 51-75%
  • Most of the time

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How often and what kind of things do you make?

I have been experimenting with pasta sauces. I make a pretty mean tomato meat sauce.

Mexican food is also a lot of fun and I love it. Chicken fajitas and re-fried beans.

I attempted to make some Hummus but it wasn’t great. The tahini (sesame paste) that I bought in the supermarket wasn’t quite right I think.

I am quite enjoying myself and eating a lot more healthy to boot.

I don’t cook, too lazy to shop for the stuff, prepare/cook and clean up afterwards. The one time I actually tried (when I was staying in Malaysia) I turned my kitchen from white to black. Took me 2 hours to clean up the mess. Burning oil and water just don’t mix I figured. Fact is I promised my current landlord not to cook (she was very worried about the brand-new kitchen she put into the apartment I am now staying at when we negotiated).

Anyhow, it’s easy to get food here virtually everywhere and at any time, and it’s not too expensive. Couldn’t say though I eat very healthy. :smiley:

You mean “me” or “my family”? :wink:

I cook only about once or twice a week and my wife does the rest. Spoiled I am, so much so that we rarely go out because its nearly always disappointing compared to what we can do ourselves for a fraction of the price. The only exceptions are really things like Beijing duck that you can’t really do at home very easily.

I really love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. I really like my own food. The problem is that I live alone and I eat too much. I’ve been off home grocery shopping for a while because I don’t feel like having dinner parties and I’m trying to be a little slimmer.

I need a few more “light dishes” in my cookbook. Problem is, I’m a nutter for curries, stews, Indian, Thai, and any kind of rich saucy food.

I’m also addicted to breakfast store sandwitches in the morning. arb!

Usually at least once a day. Mostly one-pot or one-pan things, for speed and convenience, and because the second burner on my stove is on the blink. Fairly healthy stuff: mostly vegetables.

I do like to do slightly more ambitious cooking sometimes. I’ve done Christmas puddings and trifles here. In England I tried quite a few different things: pies and cakes and the like. I once made an Indian spinach dish that required sealing the lid to the pot with a strip of dough and cooking very slowly for about 8 hours. It was nice when done, though I’ve done simpler versions since then and they’ve been just about as good.

How many of you have ovens?

A lot of what I want to cook requires an oven. (lasagna, quiche, chicken, roasts etc…)

I don’t have one yet but I am looking for something suitable. I miss having a kitchen range.

I cook food every day. I gotta as a parent, get that good stuff in my kids. Especially for my daughter. She loves food. I anticipate cooking specialty items for her, whereas for the boy any old fare will do.

[quote=“Lo Bo To”]How many of you have ovens?[/quote]I miss having a big gas oven. I just have a little electric toaster oven at the moment, and I’m too stingy to buy a bigger one.

Do any Taiwanese people have gas ranges?

I used to cook all the time back in the States, but it’s definitely more difficult here when it comes to not having an oven and finding ingredients. Lately, though, I’ve gotten back into it and have been cooking up a storm. Made chicken fajitas for my students last week (had to use those dan bing wrappers instead of tortillas, but turned out really good). Then homemade salsa that turned out awesome, curry, and Japanese Ramen last weekend. Now I’m on all the time looking up my next meal. Next up- souvlaki, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce.

I think its pretty standard. I have a 2 burner. And also an oven.
Mmmmm…garlic stir-fried veggies with home grown red peppers for lunch. Lotsa garlic…Mmmmmm

I try not to cook and do such a bad job I can barely eat it, this convinces the SO that she can indeed cook all the meals seeing as I appear to be working for a living.

four times I’ve cooked since I got here (25 jan 06) and two times I burned the damned food :fume:
I’ve gas stoves at home, but with not so much power, so I’m trying to learn how hot it too hot and how low is too low :slight_smile:
Yesterday, though, I made some nice thai-food for lunch…

I love cooking, but eventhough Carrifour (sindian) has many western things, I still have trouble finding everything I want.
Miss my big oven too…and a blender…and a microwave…