How old are people on Forumosa?

Natural wastage should even things out eventually.

How much of a younger demographic even is there these days? The middle-aged forumosans arrived when there were plenty of cram school teachers coming for a year or three - I don’t think that’s happening anywhere near as much anymore, is it?

That was from the segue days I remember. Showing my age here.


Indeed, the days of foreigners from English speaking countries moving to Taiwan to make a future here peaked many years ago. Its a declining demographic.

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Anything over 30 is ancient for these impudent millenials. :grandpa:


You bring up Segue… how about Oriented?

Oh, gosh no. If I hear one more word about IG and folowers and influencers and analytics and target … I´ll jump off this second floor window into the military convoy below…full of handsome, muscular, young Taiwan soldiers…

before the dot-com bubble, there was CAPT.
i was not CA, nor P at the time. however, I was in Taiwan.

jump baby, jump

With my eyesight, I´d land on the garbage truck insted. Age is getting to me.

Eternal beauty my foot! I need better eyes, like, that won´t take that long to focus and calculate space distribution. I already walk like a Taiwanese, you know?

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Next step: citizenship! : )


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I think Maoman had T-shirts made with that erm…question.


Gotta say I’m enjoying that nostalgia thread. It’s one of the few things on the internet that has ever made me feel young.


What, you’re a lady?

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is that the wife of Leopold I or II? :wink:


Aren’t you confused ? I guess you are talking about the Taiwan gay pride parade


I’m 36. I felt young until I had my first kid 2 years ago. Now I’m definitely starting to feel middle-aged… :confused:


Early 40s…old enough to have grooved to Funkdoobiest. In Taiwan from mid 20s to early 30s.

Incorrect Marge. That was flobspeak.

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