How popular is your name?

I stumbled across this while trying to come up with baby names. At the moment it

Damn java sites alway freeze my conmoputer…ought to warn people …DAMN

Heheh, my name’s popularity peaked in 1940 and has been going down hill ever since.

We may share the same name. My grandmother was very Catholic, so all my brothers and sisters have the name of a saint in their names. I must have been special, because I was named after two saints.

I despise these baby nameing sites.
If one cannot fathom how to title one’s own children, then indeed one should not spawn.

I named my son Miles & my daughter Shona. These titles and their middle names, are named after honorable members, either of the GingerClan long gone, or of past historical figures that I admire.

That said, naming patterns amongst the general populace ebb & flow, with mostly silly common names.

Like Jason. What kind of silly name is that? :wink:
I prefer Hank, or Jake. :sunglasses:
Or even just J.

:blush: Sorry 'bout that - meant to then forgot.

Whether or not these sites are actually useful, I find the trends interesting - there are certain names in English that definitely sound “old” to my ears, like something from a previous era… Then there’s the way that naming in the States might be affected by the media - Brittany came and went in the 90s, and when I see Ethan rising dramatically in popularity over the past ten years to its present ranking of 5, I can’t help but wonder if it’s partly because of Ethan Hunt. Then again, Jacob has been number one for six years straight (and Emily for three). Top 25 as present are here:,babynamewizard_82w0h9d8,00.html

If this topic hasn’t been broached before, how did all of you decide on names? Was it like the GingerMan, all named for family members or historical figures?

I went to see a Chinese fortune teller.