How practical is a female urinal?

Wikiland tells us it’s not actually new, but I think most people haven’t heard of it, and it hasn’t really been discussed here before, so I’d like to ask the ladies in utter seriousness what they think of this.

They’ve tried them before in the UK and women refused to use them.

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In theory it looks more efficient. But I doubt many women will want to do this.

My first thought is the pee tube doesn’t seem very eco-friendly. You could get a she-wee but it seems like a pain to carry around all the time.

Ultimately, I think most women are not gonna be into this idea because we are civilized creatures who like to dab the urethral opening dry with a tissue afterwards instead of just letting leftover piss dribble onto our underpants.

Also, during menstruation, this system is entirely out of the question. But of course, you could always wait for a stall on those days.

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So the goal is to not have to build privacy stalls? I’m supposed to hike up my skirt, hold it up with my chin and use my hands to hold a paper funnel, then not wipe? Squatting over a floor stool sounds immensely better, with our without a stall.


the only thing i accept to put under my lady area is pad
I still remember other toys my friends recommended to buy online, and I still can’t imagine how much courage it would take to put those things in
i just can not stand those kind of stuff
Am I being too conservative

If the Japanese have not already invented it, then it can’t be done.