How relevant is Canada?

It’s interesting how Canada is so irrelevant on the global stage. I never thought about it before, but I guess I never think about Canada. I rarely read anything about Canada for general news or about financial news which I follow closely. I have no idea about Canada’s financial structure nor have I ever been taught in undergrad for finance or post grad from US or UK institutions. It’s weird as Canada is in the G7 and top 10 in GDP.

If you start to think about it more, you might find that Canada is relevant in ways you haven’t thought of yet…

Not necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with being a sleepy backwater.

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Two words: maple syrup


Two other words: Aunt Jemima.

Canada is to maple syrup what Colombia is to cocaine, which I guess makes corn syrup basically crystal meth



Oh come on, it’s not that bad, and it’s like a tenth of the price of the real stuff. Those maple syrup cartels are ruthless.

That goop cannot be accepted :no_entry: :u7981: :raised_hand: Insist on the real article :maple_leaf:


So you’re saying that given a choice between dry pancakes and pancakes slathered with delicious Aunt Jemima syrup, you’d choose dry?


:honey_pot: :butter: please :honeybee:

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Just because you aren’t informed about it, doesn’t make it irrelevant.
Just saying. Broaden your sources

Here’s a good place to start

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You never heard of this guy? The UK poached him from Canada

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What was the winning headline for “Article Least Likely To Be Clicked On” ?
“Worthwhile Canadian Initiative…”
As that (supposed) old Chinese curse goes “May you live in interesting times”. Canada is pretty boring.

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I’m a bit childish, I still think snipers are cool

Feel free to post on this thread. It’s not that boring

I don’t know what to say. Americans don’t think about Canada nor do Europeans. We have never talked about Canada in the academic setting in 4 years of undergrad and half way through my masters. Taiwan has been mentioned more time :sweat_smile:

Canadian dollar isn’t a major base currency we trade with. And the largest Canadian bank, Royal Bank Of Canada, is not that big outside of Canada. No one in the US or Europe wakes up with the goal to go work at RBC. Certainly not in Europe as they’re almost non existent outside of NA. European finance focuses on ME, Asia, Africa, and of course Europe/UK and US. And Americans are well…focused on America.

I don’t know how to respond to this.

So your teachers didn’t teach you about Canada. I suggest you fill in the gaps by reading. I’ve already posted several links above.

Am I actually supposed to point out what you didn’t learn? You’re in the Uk. I already posted the link to Mark Carney. So your teachers never taught you about him? He led the Bank of Canada too the best economy of the G7 and England poached him to help them out. He was the Governor of the Bank of England from 2013 to 2020. He just retired from that post.

Also, Canada’s new FTA with the EU that the UK was trying to replicate after brexit?

Or how Canada is a founding member of the TPP after the US pulled out.

Also, you never learned about NAFTA as it was being negotiated?

Again, I’m not sure how to respond. To feel sorry for you that you weren’t taught these things? Or that you don’t keep up on current events?

Your overall comment is a tad ignorant.


Which part? Please quote. I gave you the reasons why no one discusses Canada.

And I think you’re confusing Economics and Finance. It definitely overlaps, and we do learn about those things. But in the context of how it affects the US mostly, not Canada. Even NAFTA was mostly focused on the US and Mexico as Mexico is an interesting emerging market.

We have a limited amount of time, and Canada is just not on the top of the list for developed economies to learn about. I do follow it on the news when it comes out, but it’s not often. I do know investors have pulled out of Canada to the US even though the Canadia currency has been strong and the dollar falling. This pretty much explains how Canada is viewed sadly. No need to get upset with me about it. I’m perfectly aware most people think Taiwan is Thailand and I just laugh about it.

Just look at the front page of Financial Times, Bloomberg, and The Economist. Not one single article related to Canada today.

Bloomberg even gives you which edition to read. They have US, Europe, Asia, ME, Africa, and Japan. Which is what the financial world focuses on for the most part as I’ve said. Nothing ignorant about pointing this out.

I’m not upset. That’s just a typical American comment.
Ignorant and proud of it. That’s how your coming off.

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