How strict are TECOs about having original documents?

I’m planning on applying for a visitor visa to study in a degree program. The TECO website claims I need the original admissions letter.

If I only have a copy of the admissions letter will they refuse to issue the visa?

Why give them the opportunity to reject you?

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My problem is that I am stuck outside the US because of Covid. The university is sending my admissions letter to the US and then I will forward it from there. But that process may take a few weeks. So ideally I would hope the TECO accepts a copy. It’s such a unnecessary rule anyway, the univ must give my name to the MOE so TECO will already know via MOE that I’ve been accepted.



Print in color.
Problem solved.


yea, I don’t think they’d fall for a color copy…

I make suggestion based on experience.
I dont see your suggestion? Only criticism.

That worked for you? Then you got lucky. In my experience, they wanted to see the original.

they might accept a copy if it was notarized.

I thought about printing in color but there’s no way that works for a diploma which has a raised seal. And transcripts of course have special paper that wouldn’t look the same as a color copy

Though you said admission letter…
No mention of transcript or diploma.

Same thing, I’m sure the admission letter has some fancy stamps and shit. This whole thing is so absurd

Now you’ll realize how people in the redtvv V of the work suffer when they apply for US visa.