How strictly did your passport photo match the face size requirements?

The ROC passport photo requires that the face be between 32mm and 36 mm long.

I had my passport photo taken at the drugstore photo department to match these requirements.
But when I got home and measured, it is unclear whether my photo fulfills the requirements.
It depends a bit on what you consider to be the top of my head, and that is not completely clear due to hair.
Did anyone have their passport photo rejected?
Did you use a ruler to make sure your face size was right?
I have also spent a long time trying to get my ears to show more since my hair covers part of my ears no matter what I do. My hair is too short to go behind my ear, so cutting it will not help short of shaving it.
How did you attach the 2 photo to the form? That part of of the instructions is unclear to me.

Your face should be between 32 to 36mm , including the hair

Also for this kind of documents you should have photos with good quality (probably go to a photo studio? )

Maybe get a new Haircut?


I’d suggest a single “Yang1’s passport thread”…


The photo studios I know do portraits and may well charge over $100. In the sample photo her hair lies flat because it’s long. My hair is not long enough to lie that flat on top. On the sides near my ears my hair is too short to go behind my ears. So a haircut will not help unless it is very drastic, and I would prefer to not completely change my hairstyle.
I wonder how strictly the requirements will be enforced.

I use different posts because I find it hard to find the information I am looking for when a post is long. Is there a way to find information on a long post by using some kind of search tool?

When a thread is very long, like those of gold card or APRC, I agree.
Though, It is also possible that for people who apply for the passport, one stop all related information thread is more convenient than multiple threads.

It may be a balance.

And it is just a suggestion, and I am not a mod.

it doesn’t have to be portrait , I said a photo studio could have better camera , equipment , lighting …
If you take your photos in a place that you need to wait 1 hour or less , then probably these photos are not going to have the quality for a passport photo

just have a haircut that allow you to show your ears , it doesn’t have to be very drastic

Anyway you can send the photos and see how it goes ,
I had once a photo rejected because it was too dark ( I took the photo in photo kiosk) so I had to go to a studio and the cost was about less than USD$30 (in Taiwan and had to wait a day)

Thank you for letting me know about your photo being rejected for being too dark.
I would have to shave the hair that falls over my ear which I would really prefer to not do.
I guess I will try a photo studio if all else fails.

Thank you for all our help. I am trying to group the passport questions by topic so that people can zero in on the issue that affects them.

In the U.S. it looks like about 1.2% of passport photos are rejected when people are applying for a U.S. passport. and

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This article seems to suggest measuring the face height with a ruler before paying for the photo.

I added this question - how did you attach the two passport photos to the application form? That part of of the instructions is unclear to me.

I called TECO. They said match the requirements as closely as you can. Sometimes even after TECO approves the photo, the photo is rejected in Taiwan because the machine there is more strict.
She also said it’s okay if I do not glue the photo. (I particularly don’t want to glue the photo in case it gets rejected.)

There is a joke that the hardest part of the passport application is getting the photo right. So after TECO told me about rejections I went to have the passport photo taken again. My drugstore did not have enough people today so I went to another location. It was built within the past year and has brand new photo equipment. It had a computer monitor where she and I could pick the Japan passport setting together. (No setting for Taiwan.) Now I see where the problem is. It appears to be a software glitch. We clearly set the photo to meet the requirements, but when it printed the face height was wrong. I brought my ruler today. We ended up printing it four times. She did not charge me since their computer was creating the problem.
Here is another funny part of the story. She was short and I was looking down. This caused the photo to fail the looking ahead test. I had to squat down.
This new computer/software tells you whether the photo passes various tests. (Note that it incorrectly said the photo passed the face length test.)
After looking at the photo on my computer, I see that my face is turned slightly, and one ear is not fully visible. I guess it’s going to be take the photo at home.

My official photos (passport/ARC) range from grinning like a fool (first case) to a menacing “mugshot” style shot (most recent; due to a typical 12+ hour workday).

My 健保卡 photo makes me regret wasting my relatively handsome years failing to find a life partner.

I used the wrong sized photo for my TW driver’s license (top and side of my head were cut off by scissors to make it fit :smile:). I wouldn’t worry, but seldom do anyways.

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Is that a Taiwan passport? Before requirements changed? I don’t think a grinning like a fool photo would pass now. How many years ago was this?

Why ?
Are you so low on money, that you are in need to re-use in case of an unlikely rejection ?

I don’t want to fill out the form again. Also, in case the photo is acceptable but TECO wants a change on the application form. After gluing the first one, how did you attach the second photo? A paper clip seems like it can damage the photo.

Everywhere I went in the U.S., the store said their machine cannot cut the passport photo to the Taiwan size, and that I have to cut it myself.
The Taiwan passport photo requirement if 45 mm h x 35 mm w. The background has to be white. This means there are no lines to guide for cutting. I am realizing that to cut the photo to be exactly 45 x 35 is not that easy. Do you know if TECO will allow some leeway for it to be off by 1 mm? How did you trim your passport photo to be the correct size?

how about using scissors? works well enough for me.

draw lines just outside the 45x35 mark, and then cut them off